Sunday, December 6, 2015

Save the date: Bet Tzedek honors Eric Holder - banksters and fraudsters united!

Save the date: Bet Tzedek honors Eric Holder - banksters and fraudsters united!

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December 6 - Bet Tzedek - "The Los Angeles House of Justice" - an affiliate of the Greater Los Angeles Jewish Federation, will honor Eric Holder - former US Attorney General in its annual dinner party.
Under former Presidents Sandor Samuels (then Countrywide Chief Legal Officer and later Bank of America Associate Chief Legal Counsel) and David Pasternak (today President of the California Bar Association) Bet Tzedek effectively was the headquarters of the Los Angeles organized crime gang of banksters, lawyers and judges.
Eric Holder is notorious for his brainchild,  "Too big to fail, too big to jail" - permitting criminality of the banks with no law enforcement.

Bet Tzedek honors Eric Holder! Cheers!
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ADL refuses to address evidence of racketeering in Bet Tzedek - the Los Angeles "House of Justice"

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David Pasternak (former President), Sandor Samuels (President/CEO), Terry Friedman (former Executive Director) -- of BET TZEDEK (the Los Angeles "House of Justice"), an affiliate of the LOS ANGELES JEWISH FEDERATION. The evidence shows the three of them colluding in racketeering in the Los Angeles Superior court.[i] Highly decorated FBI veteran, renowned fraud expert James Wedick opined that their conduct was "fraud". [ii] But ADL refuses for years to address the evidence of racketeering in Bet Tzedek.
How Countrywide's Sandy Samuels became 'Mr Jewish Justice'... (ADL-Kosher) Once upon a time there was a…


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