Saturday, June 11, 2016

2016-06-06 Downing MH17 and the propaganda war

2016-06-06 Downing MH17 and the propaganda war
The International Investigation Team report was finally published today by the Dutch Prosecutors. They suggest it was "an accident'...
The report should be deemed a whitewash. Following the incident, Omaba and his lackeys in UK, Canada and Australia, launched propaganda blitz, blaming Russia for the act, with no intel to support such claims. It was a major issue in heating up Cold War 2.0.
However, in parallel, Dutch Parliament inquiry on the Dutch government revealed that the four member nations of the Team (Ukraine - a major suspect is a member, Malaysia was excluded) secretly signed a veto/non-disclosure agreement on the investigation results... 
Malaysia Airlines flight MH17, which crashed over eastern Ukraine, could have been downed “unintentionally,” a new report by the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) says,…

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