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2015-07-10 US policy moving the world closer to WW III

2015-07-10 US policy moving the world closer to WW III
Coleen Rowley writes:
Wake up Americans! Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg encourages us to read and share the following articles (and then figure out what we may do to avert this nightmare):
Max Fisher, Vox, "How World War III became possible: A nuclear conflict with Russia is likelier than you think":
Graham Allison and Dimitri Simes, "Russia and America: Stumbling Toward War"…/russia-america-stumbling-war-…
Ellsberg further noted: "Both articles have their limitations--in particular, neither addresses at all the way that NATO and the EU have fueled the current conflict, with the expansion of NATO (to the Baltics!) and in particular the coup in Kiev, and Fisher quotes only the worst possible interpretations of Putin's motives--but they're both compelling enough to be very alarming. What seems to be looming is the most dangerous possibility of direct Russian and US armed conflict since the Cuban Missile Crisis half a century ago. Really, the only one since then, and like that, with the real possibility that it would provoke the use of tactical nuclear weapons--this time, first-use threatened on both sides!--and all-out nuclear war, causing nuclear winter/famine. It can't get more serious than that. And both sides are proclaiming their readiness to engage, seeming to ignore that prospect!"
So while it may not seem possible to those of us anguished by US-NATO's costly wars on Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and other countries in its "global war on terror," the past 14 years could actually turn out to be the relative lull before the storm. There are strong indications that we're quickly reaching an even more dangerous moment, this one to most life on earth, with this insane brinkmanship risking a nuclear WWIII. One sign is the General nominated to Chair the Joint Chiefs just voiced the Pentagon's apparent new talking points:…/us-usa-russia-dunford-idUSKCN0PJ1Y… (H/T Alice Slater)
Ironically as a different colleague noted, the US is using the WWII Axis, by pushing Germany to take on Russia and pushing the rearming of Japan to confront China. Although the Vox article notes, with respect to Russia, that nations in decline are dangerous, it fails to note that this also applies to the U.S. side so we have a doubly dangerous situation, maybe as bad as the Cuban missile crisis.
A growing chorus of analysts and policymakers are sounding the alarm. Will the world hear them in time?|By Max Fisher
David Rojas I'm awake but seeing whats going on I wish I could go back to sleep

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