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2015-07-13 More on Jewish racketeers in Los Angeles, California

Subject: RE: Racketeering by Sandor Samuels and others in Bet Tzedek - the Los Angeles "House of Justice" - an affiliate of the Greater Los Angeles Jewish Federation
Date: 2015-07-13 4:22 am
From: joseph.zernik@hra
To:"Thomas D. Carter, CPA"
Cc:'Mike Feuer' , 'Tamar Galatzan' , "'John M. Isen'" ,,,, 'Gary Lewis' , 'Gary Lewis' ,, 'Attention President Jessie Korneberg' ,, 'Jeff at Greenblatt's' ,,, Samuels

DAVID PASTERNAK (former President), SANDOR SAMUELS (former President/CEO), TERRY FRIEDMAN (former Executive Director) – Jewish racketeers of BET TZEDEK (the Los Angeles "House of Justice"), an affiliate of the LOS ANGELES JEWISH FEDERATION  

Dear Mr Carter:
There is good reason for concern that you have not read any of the materials, which I linked (e.g., Judge Jeff Bohm's Memorandum Opinion).   Moreover, your writing raises concerns that this matter is beyond your skills and abilities.
Any reasonable person, who would read the materials I sent would conclude that Sandor Samuels was a key figure in the "Financial Crisis", who engaged in racketeering in the state and US courts from coast to coast.
The fact that people  like him can walk free, only reflects the vast corruption of the US justice system today.
Not in vain,  based on my submission, the UN Human Rights Council noted in its 2010 report on the United States: "Corruption of the courts and the legal profession and discrimination by law enforcement in California."
Let me put it differently: 
One hundred to one hundred fifty years ago, during a period, known as the "Robber Baron Period", the US justice system was thoroughly corrupt.  The US courts were described in the US Congress as "a burlesque". At that time, the Jews in the US were a poor, oppressed minority.  They were under-represented in all three branches of government.  However, towards the end of that period some great Jewish judges led the way in reforming the justice system, Louis Brandeis and Benjamin Cardozo, to name two.  Both in part made their mark in US history by addressing the corrupt conduct of banks and corporations.
Today, we live through a similar period.  Experts opine that corruption of the justice system has reached a level that is unprecedented in US history.  Today, the Jews in the US are prosperous, some may say privileged.  They are vastly over-represented in all three branches of government.  However, unfortunately, many Jewish individuals are key figures in the corruption underlying the current "Financial Crisis".
During the years, when I conducted my research regarding the US justice system, I communicated with individuals of similar concerns across the US.  Since my name is not clearly identified as Jewish, I would get sometimes comments, such as, "here in Maryland, we have a Jewish Mafia in the courts...".  However, one could argue that it was just a collection of individuals, some of whom happened to be Jewish, among others.
What is different about conditions, which I recorded in Los Angeles, is the corruption of the organized Jewish community as such. Furthermore, I recorded the total refusal of rabbis, on the one hand, and national Jewish organizations such as ADL, on the other,  to comment on the situation, let alone call for any corrective measures.
As stated before, I rest assured that I have been successful in discovering, archiving and disseminating the information (the goals I set for myself a decade ago) in this matter. With the passage of time, I have no doubt that others would further study the materials, which I have collected, relative to the US justice system in general.  To my surprise, although I have no formal training in any of the related disciplines (law, computer science, Human Rights), I have recently discovered that my work is already noted in a computer science textbook:
Data mining of government records - particularly records of the justice system (i.e., courts, prisons) - enables the discovery of systemic human rights violations in connection to generation and publication of invalid or fraudulent legal records by various government agencies. [i,ii]
Separately, I have no doubt that with the passage of time, Sandor Samuels, David Pasternak, Terry Friedman, and their friends in Bet Tzedek would be recognized as the scarlet letter of the Jewish community in our time.  The fact that they chose to engage in such conduct under the guise of a prominent Jewish charity is lamentable and despicable.
And yet, you are at liberty to continue to live in denial... 
All the best,
Joseph Zernik, PhD
Human Rights Alert (NGO)
On 2015-07-13 12:30 am, Thomas D. Carter, CPA wrote:
Sir, with now empirical  evidence as to your continuing accusing diatribe, it saddens me in the name of the "House of Justice" and the Community it serves.

So, with your PHD (unknown if purchased at a 5 &10 cent store) you could not even find  me correctly as Thomas Carter, a holocaust survivor, born in a camp, and possibly therefore you slandered me to be an "Honest Lawyer" - get the picture?

For the record, my father a former lawyer, suggested I not become one, because by law I would have to potentially have to defend folks deemed to be guilty – get the picture?

Thus, all you have done so far is accuse, with apparently no conclusions, as tried in a court of law.
Thanks for sharing now that Rabbi Laura Owens did not respond; and now I know why.

Please note, I have now reached out to Sander Samuels, directly and wait for his telephone call, after he comes home from the Hospital.


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