Saturday, December 5, 2015

2015-12-02 Medieval-digital corruption of the courts in Israel and beyond...

Joseph Zernik was tagged in a video.
Joseph Zernik  is dedicated to data mining. He is in constant demand from the press for his expertise in US court IT Data fraud.
Joseph is also an expert in the Israeli Criminal court IT systems.
I had the opportunity to meet with him and listen to some of his stories.
He talks here of the medieval corruption in the system. He lectures and writes worldwide and submits his findings to the UN.
We had one technical sound problem for about 2 minutes midstream. .
He even gives details of a senior judge caught falsifying a protocol!

Joseph Zernik
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Ronny Rahav
Ronny Rahav forgot to tag me this time smile emoticon
Marti Dobson
Marti Dobson Sharing. Great work! Gobsmacking robbery in plain view of the courts BY judges... Not that we don't expect some of this but to hear how endemic it is... And the main thing that keeps my head shaking in disbelief: this is too dry for the average person to care about it. Organised crime on a grand scale by the JUDICIARY and it's not newsworthy because people don't care and the media is complicit anyway. My head is spinning.
Avrohom Bilgrei
Avrohom Bilgrei Marianne, Superlative video! Too bad the substance of FB's is so retarded, it won't even register! The respondents will be counted on the digits of one hand; Ingrid, Rahel & a couple of others, maybe! The rest will be satisfied with posts of decadent consumption, cute animal posts and ultra nationalistic/theological punditry, ethics be damned! Less TRUTH, none of us have the option of authentic liberty! Capital violators B.O/B.N. will flourish with impunity!
Marianne Azizi Joseph is great I spent hours with him
Dejanka Bryant
Dejanka Bryant An excellent interview. Thank you so much, Marianne.
Marianne Azizi
Meir Green
Meir Green Marianne Azizi a tip from a recordist:
Do interview in a super quiet space, preferably with padded/carpeted interier. If you must interview in a noisy room (just don't!) then mic the person close up to their mouth!
For decent video, the light must be behind you and in front of your subject (no windows behind the subject, no strong backlighting).
Marianne Azizi
Marianne Azizi In an ideal world... here its when and if...
Mark Seifter
Mark Seifter Marianne. Very good interview. It highlights the entrenched juridical corruption in Israel. No doubt this is an unfortunate characteristic in every polity in the world. Dr Zernik could have been advised before the interview to tone down his discursiveness, and in talking about his own qualifications. But very enlightening.
Archi Jameson
Archi Jameson All the protocols made in the halls of Israeli courts
are forged by judges, which falsifying on a daily bases, or is it just Elia Nuss in the בית משפט לענייני משפחה פתח תקווה?
it seems that its not just her to do so... Marianne Azizi
...See More
Louise Taueki
Louise Taueki The video is fine. Doesn't need to be perfect
Adar Brauner
Adar Brauner I liked the "medioeval corruption thing!!!! LOL
Moses Collins
Moses Collins lol so is the info of the phone original with true balking ??? lol is bamba truly cald bamba ?????
Lesley Mannering

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