Wednesday, February 17, 2016

2016-02-17 JERUSALEM: Routines of the occupation

2016-02-17 JERUSALEM: Routines of the occupation
The detention yesterday of Washington Post journalists by the Israel Police follows a Knesset committee summoning a couple of weeks ago of international journalists for investigation of "anti-Israeli bias" in reporting. During the 2014 Gaza massacre, Israel also tried to dictate to the New York Times its reports... Obviously, the US press is not exactly the center of "anti-Israeli bias" in reporting... In recent years IDF soldiers were documented assaulting the international press on a number of occasions. In other cases journalists, and in particular photojournalists were shot. It is obvious that IDF sees as hostile any press coverage of what takes place in Palestine. Inside Israel, gag orders on the press, prior restraint of publications by social protest activists, and general censorship are routine as well...
Freedom of the Press in the "only democracy in the middle east" is largely restricted.
Jerusalem bureau chief William Booth and correspondent Sufian Taha were…

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