Thursday, March 10, 2016

2016-03-08 Cold War 2.0 - the propaganda wars - downing MH17

2016-03-08 Cold War 2.0 - the propaganda wars - downing MH17
The US and President Obama have used the downing of MH17 to vilify Russia and drug up Cold War 2.0, claiming that they held intelligence information proving Russia's accountability for the criminality. That intelligence information has never seen the light of day... On the other hand, growing body of evidence suggests that in fact the Ukraine was accountable for the criminality.
Circumstances described in the report are consistent with previous reports from the Netherlands, based on government response on Parliamentary Inquiries, that the 4 nation members of the "International Investigation Committee" (including the Ukraine - a main suspect) secretly signed a Veto/Non-Disclosure Agreement regarding the outcome of the investigation...…/334862-dutch-mh17-relatives-transpar…/…
Relatives of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 victims were briefed by the Dutch authorities on Monday on the course of the criminal investigation into the crash. Despite calls to…

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