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2017-01-01 ISRAEL: Widespread corruption of the courts - organized crime in the court in organized crime trial of former DA Ruth David

The Israeli justice system simply cannot address its own corruption...  In one of the worst corruption trial of the justice system, the judge and both parties are perpetrating Fraud Upon the Court!

Joseph Zernik

Former Tel-Aviv District Attorney Ruth David is prosecuted for what should be deemed organized crime of the justice system.  Judge Moshe Sobel is perpetrating Fraud Upon the Court - simulated court hearings, which are listed "did not take place".

Key hearings, of December 22, 26, and 27, where State Witness Adi Yeshayahu testified regarding organized crime - are listed by Judge Sobel - "Did not take place"...

Media reporting in this case – one of the most significant in the history of government corruption in Israel – is particularly slim. So we traveled to Jerusalem today to assist in exercising the right for “Fair Public Hearing” - one of the fundamental Human Rights…
And here is what we found:
a) Spokesperson of the Administration of Courts manages public access to the Court
  • In the Jerusalem District Court you have an iron door at the entrance. Security personnel ask you, while you are still on the street: Which case did you come for? Ruth David? Please provide ID, since entrance in on a personal basis by approval of the office of Spokesperson of the Administration of Courts... The Spokesperson is managing public access to the Court. Entirely unusual! Undermines the rights for Fair Public Hearing and Public Access to the Courts from their foundation!
  • Obviously, we were first denied entry… The excuse: Small courtroom and no space left. As it turned out, it was a small courtroom, but no space left turned out to be untrue.
  • After some arguments were entered. Also inside the courtroom, representative of the Spokesperson for the Administration of Courts was managing the seating arrangements… and also tried to convince the Court Guards to remove me from the courtroom even prior to the hearing…
  • By estimate there was room for less than 20 people except for parties, counsel and their helpers. Beyond media, I believe that there were only 5 members of the public there (Shuki Mishol and the 4 of us).
    b) Routine “Brainstorming” sessions by an organized crime gang
  • Reviewing media coverage, e.g., News1, which provided relative extensive coverage – they skipped the most important issues in today’s hearing.
  • Plea Bargain State Whitness Adi Yeshayahu provided detailed description of routine practices in the law-firm of Ronel Fisher and Ruth David - “Brainstorming” (her term, probably also the term used by Ronel Fisher and Ruth David for that practice) for expanding the organized crime business. They routinely met in the office, e.g., police officer Eran Malka, Attorney Ronel Fisher and his personal secretary Adi Yeshayahu. Malka provided the names and descriptions of new investigation cases in top Israel Police units (Lahav and National Fraud Investigation Unit). Then they tried to identify “New potential customers” for the office among the names (some or most of them still under covert investigations). Then they tried to match for each of the names a third party, who would be the person who would call that name and refer him to the office of Ronel and David. In later stages, Malka would transfer “materials” regarding such names, status of the investigation, the expected date of their detention or summoning for investigation. Then Fisher would prepare them for the investigation, based on the “materials” that were provided by Malka. Sometimes Fisher simply advised the person to leave Israel for a while…
    c) Organized crime gang preparing “Cards” and “Dark Day” materials
    Amazingly, following their initial detention and investigation, the Israel Police did not detain Malka, Fisher and Yeshayahu, and did not prevent their communications. So what did they do? “Brainstorming”, naturally… But this time around they prepared “Cards” and “Dark Day” materials. According to what Yeshayahu explained – names of other police staff who were involved in similar conduct. It is also obvious that Ronel Fisher and Ruth David have “Cards”, or “Dark Day” materials on senior State Prosecution staff and judges, who participated in organized crime…
Therefore, it is obvious that the entire trial is a charade, or show trial. There has never been true investigation and there will never be a true trial that would expose the scope of corruption at the top of the Israel Police, State Prosecution, and the judges…
d) The entire hearing “did not take place”
Right at the start of the hearing, I suspected that it was a fake court hearing (common practice in the Israeli courts), since the court transcriptionist was not transcribing… I asked Shuki, who was sitting next to me, and who was a regular court observer in this case. He confidently told me “They record everything, and create the Protocol later”.

But as it turned out, this hearing was later recorded in the Case Calendar “Did not take place”. Evidently, the testimony of Adi Yeshayahu was something that the Israeli justice system could not have recorded...

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