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2017-02-19 Urgent request forwarded to Petah-Tikvah police - to disclose "agreements" with "leading representatives" of the protest against AG Mandelblit

Urgent request forwarded to Petah-Tikvah police - to disclose "agreements" with "leading representatives" of the protest against AG Mandelblit
In court hearing today, police filed a "secret appendix" and claimed existence of "agreements" with "leading representatives" of the protest against Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit, none of which have so far been publicly disclosed. 
The idea of secret "agreements" with unidentified "leading representatives" regarding the Freedom to Protest sounds like a bad script from a police state... but it works in the Israeli courts today...
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Figures: Petah-Tikvah police commander Barak Mordechai, the Police Prosecution (in Israel police prosecutes) and judges zealously act to suppress the Freedom of Protest pertaining to Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit.

OccupyTLV, February 19 - following a bizarre court hearing today in the Petah-Tikva Magistrate Court, where counsel for State and Police claimed the existence of confidential "agreements" with unidentified "leading representatives", which bind all protesters, Petah-Tikva police commander was urgently asked to disclose what such "agreements" were, and who "leading representatives" were...

Following is the complete inquiry:

February 19, 2017

Police Commander Barak Mordechai
Petah-Tikvah Station Commander, Israel Police
53 Stemperer Street, Petah Tikvah
By fax: 03-6803981, 08-9279590, 09-7473386
By email: 

RE: State of Israel v Zernik (38086-02-17) urgent demand for disclosure of “agreements” with “leading representatives” pertaining to protest against Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit
Your response within 5 days is kindly requested. Time is of the essence!

Dear Commander Mordechai:
Today, hearing has been conducted in the Petah-Tikvah Magistrate Court in the court file, referenced above, following my detention last night during a silent protest, where I walked silently, with no singing and no chanting.
In such court hearing, counsel for the State of Israel and the Israel Police stated on the record: “Leading representatives of the protest reached through negotiation with the Police regarding ongoing protest in an agreed upon location, which balances the right of the participants to protest and the right of the residents for silence and privacy. In contrast with such agreements in such case, the suspect proceeded… while making noise into the heart of a residential neighborhood...”
Obviously, the claims regarding violation of “quite and privacy” are false.
I also have no knowledge at all regarding “agreements” with “leading representatives”… and obviously, one cannot be held accountable for agreements, which he had not been party to and had no knowledge of. Attorney Daniel Hacklai was the only one, who I had known conducted contacts with Police in this matter. Even prior to last night’s protest, I had approached him with a request for clarifications regarding his contacts with Police, and he ha dexplicitly denied that there had been any agreement, such as claimed today in court regarding all the protesters (he had stated that there had been such agreement only pertaining to individuals, relative to whom temporary restraining orders were in effect for 14 days).
Following today’s hearing I have also widely published the matter, and have individually approached “leading representatives” and asked that anybody who knew of such “agreements” let me and other protesters know about them. “Leading representatives” have answered that they had no knowledge of such agreements.
Therefore, I herein demand that the Petah-Tikvah Police disclose to me and to other protesters, what the “agreements” were that State of Israel and Israel Police counsel referred to in court today, who the parties to such “agreements” were, who “leading representatives” were, the date of such “agreements”, the full details of such “agreements”, and whether they were made in writing or only verbally.

Joseph Zernik, PhD
Human Rights Alert (NGO)
CC: Association for Civil Rights in Israel, Attorney Daniel Hacklai, wide distribution

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