Tuesday, February 21, 2017

2017-02-21 Notice sent to Petah Tikva Police Commander of protest against AG Avichai Mandelblit on Sat night

Notice sent to Petah Tikva Police Commander of protest against AG Avichai Mandelblit on Sat night
As stated by Prof Daniel Friedman in the Knesset Constitution, Law and Justice Committee - AG Achivai Mandelblit is trying to shut up the entire state, sees himself as the law of the land.  Concerned citizens insist on their right to protest against government coruption, which AG Mandelblit shields.

Figures: Attroney General Avichai Mandelblit, Police Commander Barak Mordechai.  Trying to shut up the entire state...

February 20, 2017

Police Commander Barak Mordechai
Petah-Tikvah Station Commander, Israel Police
53 Stemperer Street, Petah Tikvah
By fax: 03-6803981, 08-9279590, 09-7473386

RE: Notice of protest event against Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit on February 25 in Petah-Tikvah and request for your challenges (if any)
Your response within 48 hours is kindly requested. Time is of the essence!
Dear Commander Mordechai:
Today, notice was posted of a protest even on February 25, 2017, referenced above. [1]
During a similar event last Saturday night, policemen told participants that it was “an illegal demonstration”, and “without a license”. To the best of my knowledge and based on legal consultation, the above referenced protest event does not require any license. Therefore, such statements by police were false and misleading.
In court, counsel for the Police Prosecution [in Israel police prosecutes – jz], stated that “agreements” were reached with “leading activists”, which bound all participants in the protest. [2] Such claim was also false and misleading as far as I know (request for your clarifications was forwarded yesterday).
Maariv daily published today a report, replete with false details regarding conduct of the protest on Saturday nights, which included report of a “court decision” pertaining to the entire protest. Such court decision does not exist either. [3] it is likely that the false and misleading information in Maariv originated in police or law enforcement as well.
Therefore, in order to exercise the lawful Right to Protest, [4] in order to prevent the spreading of invalid information, and in order to prevent violent, arbitrary and capricious conduct by police against law abiding citizens, I herein again request your challenges (if any), regarding the protest event, referenced above.

Joseph Zernik, PhD
Human Rights Alert (NGO)
CC: Israeli Association for Civil Rights,  Prof Daniel Friedman, activists, wide distribution
[1] 2017-02-25 As on Every Saturday Night – at the Attorney General’s in Petah-Tikva
כמו כל מוצ"ש - אצל היועמ"ש בפתח-תקווה
[2] 2017-02-19 State of Israel v Zernik (38086-02-17) – hearing protocol //
מדינת ישראל נ צרניק (38086-02-17) – פרוטוקול דיון מים 19 לפברואר, 2017
[3] 2017-02-20   Collaborator AG, Corrupt ones to jail, champagne”: grafitti near Mandeblit’s home_Maariv
 "יועץ משת"פ, מושחתים לכלא, שמפניות": גרפיטי סמוך לביתו של מנדלבליט_מעריב
[4] 2016-06-08 Prof Daniel Friedman: The Attorney General cannot shut the mouths of the entire state, let nobody state their opinions. Committee News, Knesset Constitution, Law, and Justice Committee
פרופ' דניאל פרידמן : היועץ המשפטי לממשלה לא יכול לסתום למדינה את הפה, ולא לאפשר לה לומר את דעתה. חדשות הוועדה, ועדת החוקה חוק ומשפט

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