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2017-12-23 Human Rights Alert-NGO (RA), Israel, urgently seeking donations

Human Rights Alert-NGO (RA), Israel, is urgently seeking donations
Safeguarding Liberty and Human Rights

Fund-raising message by Joseph Zernik, PhD

Fund-raising message by Joseph Zernik, PhD
Our account information
Beneficiary: Human Rights Alert–NGO (RA)
Electronic transfers: SWIFT - POALILITXXX; IBAN - IL640126940000000588797
Bank HaPoalim, 3 Daniel Frish Street, Tel-Aviv, IL
Checks by mail: PO Box 33407, Tel-Aviv, Israel

Immediate fund-raising goal – USD 50,000
Human Rights Alert is a new non-profit NGO, which has been recently registered in Israel and continues the work of Human Rights Alert–NGO, operating since 2010, in monitoring the justice system.

Right now, we are seeking to raise USD 50,000 to cover legal expenses (fees and deposit), which were imposed in an unusual decision by the Israeli Supreme Court on an appeal filed on October 01, 2017. The Supreme Court demanded the deposit of NIS 20,000 and payment of fees of close to NIS 1,000 by January 03, 2018, but we hope to obtain an extension. Funds will also be used to expand operations in 2018.

Safeguarding Liberty and Human Rights
The appeal addresses alleged violations of fundamental rights by the courts themselves in collusion with the Israel Prison Service in admitting people to custody. The appeal pertains in particular to the long-term detention of bloggers Lori Shem-Tov and Moti Leybel, [1] and life imprisonment of Roman Zadorov. [2]However, it pertains to the fundamentals of Liberty and Human Rights of all residents of Israel. The appeal and other papers were filed bilingually – English-Hebrew – in order to raise international awareness of conditions of the justice system in Israel. [3]
The appeal is also based on the Human Rights Alert -NGO submission for the 2018 Universal Periodic Review of Human Rights in Israel by the UN Human Rights Council. The submission claims: “Incompetence and/or corruption of the courts and the legal profession and discrimination by law enforcement in Israel”.[4]
Human Rights Alert – NGO submission for the 2013 Universal Periodic Review was incorporated into the final report with the note: “Lack of integrity in the electronic record systems of the Supreme Court, the District Courts and the Detainees Courts in Israel”.
Our mission statement
Our mission statement, as defined in the NGO’s registration papers is:
Monitoring Human Rights in Israel, particularly the justice and law enforcement, specially relative to validity and integrity of e-government systems; discovery, archiving and dissemination of records, reports, articles, media publications, conference presentations in such matters; taking necessary court actions in this context.
Registration details
Human Rights Alert-NGO (RA) is now registered as a non profit in Israel, in compliance with the law (Certificate No 580654598). [5Registration and banking records were certified by an attorney and an accountant .
Joseph Zernik, PhD, <[6]
[12017-10-29 Israeli bloggers and the vengeful judges -- ongoing detention and chaos in the courtroom |
[22017-07-06 Roman Zadorov affair: Olga, his wife, seeks support against prison authorities retribution |
[3] 2017-10-01 Zernik v State of Israel et al (7631/17) – criminal appeal – in the Supreme Court – Notice of Appeal and Appeal
[42017-07-01 Widespread corruption of the Israeli courts alleged in reports filed with UN Human Rights Council |
[5] 2017-11-20 Human Rights Alert -NGO (RA) Certificate of Registration, Ministry of Justice, State of Israel
[6] 2017-12-23 Biographical Sketch – Joseph Zernik, PhD

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