Friday, September 13, 2019

2019-09-13 Made a successful comeback to Facebook world!

Made a successful comeback to Facebook world! 

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Over 10 years in Facebook, I have never been blocked for anything I posted. But about 2 months ago I was blocked under the ruse that they couldn't verify my identity. In response to Facebook requests I sent them: gov ID, passport, driver's license, bank statement (!), pics of myself with code numbers that they sent me. Nothing helped.
When I tried to open new pages - they immediately blocked me.
This week - a miracle (and a friend) helped me come back with this new page.
What was the true reason for blocking me? Some say it is my publications regarding judicial corruption in Israel. Others say it is my publication about the settlers' violent, murderous jewish cult. They won't divulge the true reason.
 Israel police informed me a long time ago that they read every word I write, and they demonstrated amazing proficiency in my publications...
 Justice Arbel's committee "to prevent defamation of judges" get direct delivery of my posts -- to save taxpayer's money.
 Israeli Administration of Courts refuses to answer on FOIA request in re: information about me in their illegal database of "critics of judges".
 One of Israel's largest law firms, Herzog Fux Neeman was quick to send me a letter, stating that Facebook Israel holds no responsibility at all...
P.S. Facebook are not the first. The face leak site blocked my channels after I had already had millions of reads. Some Israeli public wifi networks block my blog as well. E.g., the Tel-Aviv public library (under the claim of "pornography").
Pics: Letter from Facebook Israel attorneys, claiming no responsibility, and pics with code numbers that Facebook sent me.

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