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2015-12-18 ISRAEL: Government campaign to gag, incite against "Breaking Silence"

2015-12-18 ISRAEL: Government campaign to gag, incite against "Breaking Silence"
Current Israeli government campaign generated free publicity for "Breaking Silence", distribution of their videos. Here is one example with English translation. In fact, it is amazing how this project got the Netanyahu government out of control. I believe that in part it has to do with the process in ICC Hague, and the fact that senior IDF and government officials know that they would be eventually named Defendants...
BREAKING SILENCE: Sample testimony, April 12, 2011, Shin Bet investigations
Eyal Kantz - special assault unit Nahal
When it was necessary to stop individuals for Shin Bet investigations, we would go, maybe 2-3 of us, to get the man, and the Shin Bet investigaors would follow us.
Of course you are proud that you have been selected for the mission, your are a top assault unit...
You just go in and get the man, and bring him to the Shin Bet investigator, who is waiting outside. The two of them stand out there and talk, maybe 10-15 minutes, maybe 30 min, maybe an hour...
That part was very uncomfortable. They talk, but it gets very violent.
They talk for maybe 10 min, while the Shin Bet investigator taps all the time under the man's chin. And then, let's say he smiles, and book, the Shin Bet investigator hits him, or throws a fist into him.
That alone was uncomfortable. But what was worse, was the trickling down of this conduct to the officers of our unit.
Let's say they were talking to an Arab, and they are looking for his uncle's uncle, (and there is hardly a chance in a lifetime that the man knows where he is). Our officer would start behaving like the Shin Bet investigator.
What is permissible or not permissible for the Shin Bet, I don't know. But I couldn't stand it that our officers started behaving like that, and eventually I filed a complaint. One of our officers was beginning to behave like a Shin Bet investigator against entirely innocent Arabs.
There is violence all the time, but you could see how the Shin Bet conduct was trickling down.

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