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13-11-01 US: More NSA whistleblowers???

The true heroes of our time!
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More NSA Leakers Followed Snowden’s Footsteps, Whistleblower Lawyer Says

By ABC News
Oct 31, 2013 6:06pm

Here are the operative paragraphs:
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“I think the government hopes to chill speech by employees in the national security and intelligence fields, especially those at the NSA and CIA, but the unintended consequence is [that] more and more whistleblowers are coming through the doors of the Government Accountability Project (GAP),” said Jesselyn Radack, referring to the organization where she works as the National Security and Human Rights Director. “I think courage is contagious, and we see more and more people from the NSA coming through our door after Snowden made these revelations.”
Radack, an attorney who has met with and been in communication with Snowden, said “a handful” of people in the intelligence community have come forward since this summer when several major international newspapers began writing about the NSA’s classified foreign and domestic surveillance programs – stories based on thousands of secret NSA documents allegedly stolen by Snowden, a former NSA contractor.

13-11-01 ISRAEL: Corruption in high places - undermined corruption trials against former Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman and former Prime Minster Ehud Olmert

 The courts and the justice system are at the core of corruption in Israel today.

1) Corruption trial of former Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman
Haaretz daily publishes today an extensive interview with former senior officer of the State Prosecution, detailing the undermining of major corruption case - Avigdor Lieberman - former Foreign Minister.  State Attorney General Yehudah Weinstein decided not to prosecute a major part of the case, and investigation, prosecution of other parts was conducted in an unprofessional manner.
In the meanwhile, there is no Foreign Minister for the State of Israel: According tot he coalition agreement, the job is to be held until the verdict in the Lieberman case, expected this week.
Lieberman in court Ex-official blasts 'lenient' handling of high-profile corruption case
A former State Prosecution official says ex-Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman has been 'treated leniently in every way. That's a blow to the rule of law.'
by Gidi Weitz and Revital Hovel

2) Corruption trial of former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert
In a previous corruption case - that of former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, the courts found that the receipt of envelopes full of cash by his personal secretary from parties of interest, was only negligence to register the "donations".  The cash was transferred to the safe of Olmert's personal attorney Uri Messer.  The trial is still going on in this case, while both Olmert and his secretary Shulah Zaquen are not jailed, enabling them to coordinate testimonies, which shift periodically.
Current version: Personal secretary Shuka Zaken claims that money was paid to her as part of non-sexual romantic relationship...
Shula Zaken
Testimony in corruption case postponed as former PM's top aide hospitalized
Ehud Olmert's former aide Shula Zaken takes ill after telling of financial, romantic relationship with state witness, who has died since.
by Revital Hovel

13-11-01 Million Mask March worldwide - November 5

Photo: 4 Days Left! :D

13-11-01 US: Left right and center converge: Stop Watching Us!

13-11-01 US: Misc news of the abuse - tasered girl brain dead

13-11-01 US: 13-11-01 Suppression of Free Speech - leading sign of vanishing civil society

David C. Gorczynski, of Pennsylvania's Occupy movements, was arrested and charged with two felonies for holding two signs: one saying “You’re being robbed” and another that said “Give a man a gun, he can rob a bank. Give a man a bank, and he can rob a country.” Gorczunski is being charged with bank robbery and "terroristic threatening". He was released on $10,000 bail. Felonies for Free Speech.

What Bill of Rights?

13-11-01 BITCOIN!

The Bitcoin survives, with ups and down, reflecting various manipulations, and the closing of the Silkroad network earlier this month - US gov effort to undermine the Bitcoin.

Joseph Zernik

Bitcoin Market Price (USD)

13-10-31 US-POLAND: Poland asks European court to hide CIA secret torture prison case from public

One of the key feature of the medieval nature of the current US regime, is the establishment of "black hole" prisons around the world, where people are imprisoned, tortured with no trial.
And the news, as is recently common, come via Russia Today...

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

13-10-30 US: Roger Shuler, Alabama online journalist, beaten, arrested, for reporting on political/court corruption - A CALL FOR INTERNATIONAL ACTION!

The case of Roger Shuler represents the deteriorating conditions in the United States in general, corruption of the courts and the legal profession as a core cause of such conditions, and suppression of Free Speech, Free Press and the persecution of whistleblowers, as a leading indicator of the collapse of civil society in the United States.


I have communicated with Roger Shuler since 2007, since we were both reporting on corruption of the justice system, in California and Alabama, respectively. By 2010, I had to escape from California, when danger to my life by law enforcement became clear and imminent. Only a couple of weeks ago I emailed to Roger Shuler to ask if he was still safe in Alabama, and he thought he was.
Joseph Zernik, PhD
Occupy Tel Aviv
Human Rights Alert (NGO)
* The Human Rights Alert (NGO) submission to the Human Rights Council of the United Nations was incorporated into the 2010 Periodic Review Report regarding Human Rights in the United States, with the note: "corruption of the courts and the legal profession and discrimination by law enforcement in California". 
View as PDF:
View on blog:

Booking picture ("mug shot") of the beaten Roger Shuler
[1] Andrew Kreig: Alabama Journalist Roger Shuler Beaten and Arrested!
[2] Alabama Police Beat, Arrest, Corruption-Fighting Reporter_Popular Resistance
[3] October 25-27, 2013 -SPECIAL EDITION -- Alabama sheriffs' deputies assault, arrest, and imprison on-line journalist_Wayne Madsen Report
[4] Roger Shuler's blog: Legal Schnauzer. Last post is on October 24, presumably before his reported arrest (although the report below states that he was arrested on October 23):
[5] Shelby County, Sheriff's Department, jail booking records:


Inmate #NAMEBooking DateCharge Description/Bond Type & AmountVisitation
288928SHULER, ROGER ALAN10/23/2013
Total Bond:1,000.00
4:10 PM-4:40 PM


Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Judge In Rob Riley's Lawsuit Violates 230 years of U.S. Law To Impose Prior Restraint On Reports About Messy Affair

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Riley Tries To Hold Legal Schnauzer In Contempt Of Court On Preliminary Injunction That Doesn't Exist Under Law

Friday, October 18, 2013

Rob Riley's Efforts To Silence Legal Schnauzer Posts Draw Comparison to Hee Haw's Junior Samples

Monday, October 21, 2013

Alabama Republican Rob Riley Seeks Blogger's Arrest Over Series Of Posts About Extramarital Affair

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Rob Riley Is Writing Court Orders To Benefit Himself In Lawsuit Designed To Stifle Reporting About Affair

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Riley and Garrison Lawsuits Against Legal Schnauzer Feature Fraudulent Conduct Right Out Of The Gate

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Liberty Duke Paid A Heavy Price In Quickie Divorce That Followed Extramarital Affair With Rob Riley



October 25-27, 2013 -- SPECIAL EDITION -- Alabama sheriffs' deputies assault, arrest, and imprison on-line journalist

publication date: Oct 24, 2013 
October 25-27, 2013 -- SPECIAL EDITION -- Alabama sheriffs' deputies assault, arrest, and imprison on-line journalist

Roger Shuler, the enterprising Alabama on-line journalist, whose Legal Schnauzer website has held accountable corrupt Alabama politicians and judges, was assaulted by four Alabama sheriffs' deputies on the evening of October 23, arrested, and hauled off to jail.
Shuler, a former reporter for the Birmingham Post-Herald, earlier evaded the serving of a subpoena by sheriffs' deputies who engaged Shuler in an unconstitutional traffic stop. The subpoena had been issued by retired Alabama judge Claud Neilson who had enjoined Shuler from publishing any articles regarding an alleged extramarital affair involving a prospective U.S. House of Representatives candidate. The candidate in question is Rob Riley, Jr., the son of Alabama Governor Bob Riley, the man who helped engineer the electoral theft of the governorship from Democratic Governor Don Siegelman in 2002 and the subsequent political prosecution and imprisonment of Siegelman for 6 and a half years on trumped up charges. Riley, Jr. sued Shuler and his wife Carol over a Legal Schnauzer report that Riley had engaged in an extramarital affair with a lobbyist named Liberty Duke.
WMR reported on Neilson's conflict-of-interest in the matter involving the junior Riley on October 16. Neilson also ordered sealed all records relating to the law suit. Neilson's order prohibiting Shuler from publishing any further stories about Riley represents nothing less than a 
court ordered injunction imposing prior restraint on freedom of the press, a guaranteed right under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Although guaranteeing constitutional rights in Alabama has been a problem going back to the days of Jim Crow and the Dixiecrats, Alabama has retrogressed in recent years to a draconian past that made the state seem more like a "banana republic" of Central America than a southern state in North America.
Shuler has also been pressured with a nuisance suit over his reports about an alleged extramarital affair between Alabama GOP Attorney General Luther Strange and Attorney General Department employee 
Jessica Medeiros Garrison, the latter since divorced from her husband, and published a photo from a gay porn site featuring a naked Bill Pryor when he was a teen. Republican Bill Pryor, a former Alabama Attorney Genera, now sits on the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit and is a Commissioner on the U.S. Sentencing Commission.  Pryor refused to recuse himself from the appeal of Siegelman to the Coirt of Appeals even though Pryor was heavily involved in the Republican vendetta against and political prosecution of Siegelman. The U.S. judge who tried and sentenced Siegelman, Mark Fuller of the U.S. Court for the Middle District of Alabama, also came under the scrutiny of Shuler's web site. Shuler exposed Fuller's extramarital affair involving one of his court clerks. Fuller and his wife subsequently divorced. Fuller is a good friend of Alabama GOP honcho Bill Canary, whose wife, Leura Canary, was the U.S. Attorney for the Middle District of Alabama who filed trumped up charges against Siegelman.
On October 21, Shuler's report on the alleged Riley affair stated:
Alabama Republican Rob Riley has filed a proposed court order that seeks the arrest of my wife and me for reporting here at Legal Schnauzer on Riley’s extramarital affair with lobbyist Liberty Duke.Riley, who reportedly plans to seek the U.S. House seat being vacated by Spencer Bachus, wants two citizens arrested for–get this–practicing journalism. . . .The skinny? Rob Riley is deeply connected to some of the most corrupt activities in modern American political history. So it should be no surprise that, contrary to his “pro family” and “pro life” public stances, Riley engaged in an affair with Liberty Duke that led to an abortion and the payment of $250,000 in hush money. It also should be no surprise that Riley is trying to quash our reporting on the subject, especially now that Spencer Bachus has surprised many observers by deciding to abandon his safe Congressional seat.
How exactly is Rob Riley trying to circumvent the First Amendment and force our reporting out of public view? The latest salvo is found in a cover letter and proposed court order, dated October 7 and prepared under the name of Jay Murrill, an attorney in the Riley Jackson law firm. … The proposed order explicitly seeks to have my wife and me arrested if we failed to appear at a court hearing that was set for last Thursday (October 18) at the Shelby County Courthouse in Columbiana. The hearing was designed to hold us in contempt for refusing to abide by an unlawful preliminary injunction."
Neilson apparently decided, under pressure from Riley's Birmingham law firm, Riley & Jackson, to hold Shuler in contempt of court and order Shelby County sheriffs to assault, arrest, and jail Shuler. A copy of the letter from Riley's law firm to Neilson is seen below.
Carol Shuler reported that her husband never came back inside their home after he had gone out to their garage. What she did not know is that four sheriffs' deputies appeared on Shuler's property and proceeded to assault him and place him under arrest. Mrs. Shuler feared for her husband's safety when he didn't return home. Mrs. Shuler, who  is also under a subpoena to appear in court over the Riley suit, fears that she will be arrested if she leaves her home.
It is clear that what Riley Junior and Senior, as well as Strange and Pryor are after are the contents of Shuler's computer in order to ascertain his sources in Alabama. With names of sources, the Alabama RepublicKlans will certainly launch a vendetta against all of Shuler's sources in the state.
WMR is aware of an unsuccessful attempt to have the National Press Club's freedom of the press committee to issue a statement condemning what occurred to Shuler in Alabama as a threat to the press around the country. The National Press Club, in its usual pathetic manner, responded by saying its had bigger issues to deal with. For the National Press Club, bigger issues include the lack of press freedoms in Turkmenistan and Swaziland and the inability of LGBT bloggers to "do their thing" on the Internet in places like Ukraine and Singapore.

Roger Shuler of the Legal Schnauzer pictured with his schnauzer.

The problem for the Shulers is that they have no money. Mr. Shuler was keeping his blog going from computers at the local library. There is not enough money for the Shulers' legal expenses or even enough cash to make bail for Roger.
Legal Schnauzer has a PayPal donation button, titled "Support the Schnauzer, on the right-hand site of its web page.  [Click here] 
WMR urges anyone who can help advance the cause of press freedom in Alabama to give any amount they can afford to Roger and Carol Shuler to help bail Roger out from jail and allow this remnant of a once-vibrant press to once again report on political chicanery and malfeasance endemic to Alabama.
Note: WMR is making this article available free to the general public. Widest dissemination urged.

13-10-30 ITALY, SPAIN, COLOMBIA, BAHRAIN: Violent student demonstrations, riots

Giacomella Jackie Milesi Ferretti
16 minutes ago
via Joseph Zernik
24/10/13 #Valencia - In defense of public education. — with Hannibaal NiñoDe Jehova.

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24/10/13 #Bilbao - Students against capitalist education reforms. — withHannibaal NiñoDe Jehova.

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24/10/13 #Valencia - In defense of public education. — with Hannibaal NiñoDe Jehova.

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24/10/13 Massive demonstration of students and teachers in #Barcelona for the public education. — with Hannibaal NiñoDe Jehova.

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22/10/13 Bogotà, Colombia (15 photos)

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22/10/13 Medellìn, Colombia (14 photos)

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23/10/13 Manama, Bahrain (7 photos)

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24/10/13 #Madrid, #Spain - Students on strike
24/10/13 #Madrid, #Spain - Students on strike

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24/10/13 #Zaragoza - Police attack students during strike.
Carga policial 24 octubre mani educación zgz. Avenida Valencia
Pequeña carga policial en la avenida Valencia en Zgz

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5/10/13 Ten cops beat and kill a man in #Barcelona.
10 mossos d´squadra matando a un civil, asesinan a una persona,empresario de gayxample
Dos vídeos destapan los golpes de los Mossos al empresario del 'Gayxample' Dos vídeos caseros, grabados por vecinos del Raval, muestran cómo los Mossos d'Esq...

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25/10/13 Firenze, Italia (10 photos)

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From #Palermo, #Italy with love.. — with Hannibaal NiñoDe Jehova.

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From #Rome, #Italy with love.. — with True Bikesofliberty and Hannibaal NiñoDe Jehova.

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