Thursday, May 1, 2014

2014-05-01 RT as an alternative to US MSM - attacked by Kerry

The emergence of RT as a reliable alternative information source is irritation Kerry...  US MSM are today central part of the problem... jz

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Kerry's Propaganda War on Russia's RT

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When specialists with a good sense of history insist that war with Russia is "not unthinkable" precipitated by events in Ukraine, one should take careful note. The "not unthinkable" quote is from pre-eminent American historian of Russia, Stephen F. Cohen, who recently appeared with John J. Mearsheimer, historian of U.S. foreign policy, on RT's Crosstalk.
And, on Ukraine, they are a far cry from the ersatz-professors, the former U.S. officials and the blathering pundits dominating TV and newspapers, including the New York Times which is supposedly pledged to provide "all the news that's fit to print."
But watch the Crosstalk program; it will help you understand why Secretary of State John Kerry has launched his own personal vendetta against RT, which is funded by the Russian government but offers important on-the-ground reporting and diverse opinions on a wide variety of topics.
Ironically, Kerry was warned three years ago by his predecessor of the steady strides being made by RT -- as well as Al-Jazeera and CCTV (the new English-language programming set up by China). At a hearing of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee with then-Sen. Kerry in the chair, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton lamented that the U.S. is "losing the information war," and added that she finds watching RT "quite instructive."