Monday, February 18, 2013

13-02-17 Lawless America: Organizing Nationwide Filing of Criminal Charges against Corrupt Government Officials and Others.

All power to Bill Windsor.  I am going to pull all of my old archived documentation and submit it to Bill.
Hope you do too.
The basic duty of the common person in the Robber Baron Revival Era is to document the scope of the corruption!

Lawless America is organizing Nationwide Filing of Criminal Charges against Corrupt Government Officials and Others.  How would you like to see your judge, attorney, ex, or other evildoer indicted, arrested, convicted, and imprisoned?
But the easiest way to learn what you need to know is to tune in to Sunday, February 17, 2013 Lawless America TalkShoe Show at 10 pm Eastern Time.  Here’s the information for that --
After we all file our charges all on the same day in April, we will start working on the next step in the Lawless America Revolution plan: putting these criminals on trial and take action to seek reparations (payment and other action) to right the wrongs we have endured.

Now, we need you to do several things if you want to participate:

1.      Email with CRIMINAL CHARGES in all caps as the subject line if you want to consider filing criminal charges.  Include your name, address, and phone, as well as fax if you have one, and a link to your Facebook page.  We will need your exact mailing address for some of the documentation that will be prepared.  Identify the state and county or counties where crimes took place in your case.
2.      Go to and click the LIKE button.  This is a new Facebook page for us, and it is vital that we have everyone as a “LIKER.”  If you don’t have a Facebook page, simply go to and register.  Facebook is used in the promotion of this project and in the exposure of the criminals, so you need a page.  You do not have to put any of your personal information on your page. 
3.      Go to and ask me to be a FRIEND.  I will accept.
4.      Go to and click LIKE.  If you can, take a second and comment on the video.  You need a account to do this.  It’s free, and you don’t have to give any personal information.  You should also go to and click on SUBSCRIBE
5.      When you are logged in to Facebook, go to this page on -- – Click on LIKE, and then click on each of the links in the story, and then click LIKE on each of those pages.  We want Congress to see big numbers.
6.      When you are logged in to Facebook, go to this page -- and click to JOIN.  This enables us to easily send you and everyone else an email with updates.

I look forward to “seeing you” on Sunday.


William M. Windsor
Phone: 770-578-1094
PO Box 681236
Marietta, GA 30068