Thursday, September 19, 2013

13-09-20 Sic Transit Gloria: Suez Crisis (1955) and Syria Crisis (2013) - twitching of dying empires!

Tanks Destroyed Sinai.jpg Bombed out vehicles Aleppo.jpg
"Damaged Egyptian equipment", "Suez Crisis" (1955); Street scene, "Syria Crisis" (2013).

Berlin, Orianerburgerstrasse,  September 19 - the unprecedented nature of recent events, relative to the so far failed attempt by the United States government to launch an all out war in Syria, should not be overlooked.

The most notable comprable event was the "Suez Crisis" of 1955.  UK, France and Israel, in a well-coordinated, violent military adventure, captured the Sinai Peninsula and Suez Canal from Egypt by force.  The United States issued and ultimatus, and the three agressors went packing...  

The "Suez Crisis" should be seen as twitching of the dying British Empire, and announcement of US hegemony.  And it was done without any use of force.

Since then, it is difficult to recall any instance, where the US failed to launch a war at will, through provocation, no-provocation, or fake provocation...

But in Syria, the US has so far failed to launch the war as planned.  The reason is most likely a short and dry statement issued by Beijing - that war in Syria is to be avoided, since it would cause a hike in oil prices and deepening of the current global economic downturn.  With it, some (but not major) media reported movement of a realtively small, single Chinese naval vessel into the Mediterranean and the coast of Syria. Suich Chinese actions were sufficient to deter the US, which is depedent of Chinese cash infusion to the vein on a monthly basis...  And  the Putin dramtics provided the background music for the game.

 The "Syria Crisis"  should be seen as twitching of the dying US Empire, and announcement of Chinese hegemony.  And it was done without any use of force.