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13-06-09 Israel: Top secret - Is there a lawful Chief Clerk in the Supreme Court?

Chair of the Constitution, Law, and Justice Committee, MK David Rotem was initially asked to establish a Parliamentary Investigation Committee regarding allegations of corruption in the Office of the Clerk of the Supreme Court, following events surrounding the death of former Chief Clerk of the Supreme Court in 2002 under suspicious circumstances. Chair Rotem responded that he was confident that the Israel Police would perform it duties “on the best side” on complaints, which had been filed in the same matter. In a follow up request, Chair Rotem is asked to at least establish, whether “Chief Clerk” Sarah Lifschitz, who occupies the office of “Chief Clerk” of the Supreme Court for over a decade, holds a lawful appointment record. The follow up request notes that the Israel Police failed to respond on a complaint on this particular aspect, which had been filed over a year ago.  Chair Rotem refused to respond on that question as well.  Finally, Chair Rotem was asked: Is there a lawfully appointed Chief Clerk in the Israeli Supreme Court?
Others, who refused to answer on the same question: "Chief Clerk" of the Supreme Court Sarah Lifschitz, Presiding Justice of the Israeli Supreme Court Asher Grunis, and the office of Administration of Courts.

MK David Rotem; “Chief Clerk” of the Israel Supreme Court Sarah Lifschitz

Occupy Tel Aviv Encampment, June 9 - request has been forwarded today with Chair of the Israeli Knesset Constitution, Law, and Justice Committee, MK David Rotem to ascertain whether “Chief Clerk” of the Supreme Court, Ms Sarah Lifschitz holds a lawful appointment record. [1]
Ms Lifschitz has occupied the office of the Chief Clerk of the Israeli Supreme Court for over a decade, since the death in office in 2002, under suspicious circumstances, of Chief Clerk Shmaryahu Cohen.
The death of Shmaryahu Cohen was subject of Police Complaint by a friend/relative already in 2002. However, at that time, the complainants could not provide a reasonable motive for a wrongful death.
More recently, Joseph Zernik, PhD, of Human Rights Alert (NGO), filed additional data with the Israel Police, alleging that the motive for Chief Clerk Cohen's death was unlawful takeover of the servers and electronic records of the Israeli Supreme Court, for which Mr Cohen was the lawful custodian.
In parallel to filing the data with Israel Police, the same data were filed with MK Rotem, as a request for the establishment of a parliamentary investigation committee, pertaining to allegations of corruption in the Office of the Clerk of the Israeli Supreme Court, following the wrongful death of Mr Cohen in 2002, and wrongful occupation of his office by Ms Lifschitz. [2]
The request for a parliamentary investigation committee notes that eventin the Supreme Court in 2002 should be seen as second in significance only to the murder of Prime Minister Yitzhaq Rabin in 1995, relative to the nature of the regime in the State of Israel today.
In his June 9, 2013 response, MK Rotem dismissed the request to establish a parliamentary investigation committee in this matter, claiming that he was “convinced that the appropriate authorities would perform their duties on the best side.” [2]
In his follow-up request today, Dr Zernik points out that the Israel Police complaint, pertaining to the conduct of Ms Lifschitz, was filed over a year ago, and yet, no response was received from the Israel Police on this matter.
Therefore, MK Roten and the Constitution, Law, and Justice Committee is asked to at least ascertain, whether “Chief Clerk” of the Supreme Court, Ms Sarah Lifschitz holds a lawful appointment record. Today's follow up request adds that such matter clearly falls within the purview of the Committee, moreover, is a matter that should be easy for the Committee to ascertain.
MK Rotem refused to answer on that question as well, stating that he "would not overstep the appropriate authorities". 

Finally, MK Rotem was asked to provide what should be public information in a civilized state: Is there a lawfully appointed Chief Clerk in the Supreme Court of the State of Israel? 
Evidence of corruption of the Israeli Supreme Court electronic records was central to the Human Rights Alert (NGO) submission to the UN Human Rights Council (HRC), which was incorporated in the 2013 HRC Professional Staff Report on Human Rights in Israel (paragraph 25), with a note referring to “Lack of integrity in the electronic records of the Supreme Court... in Israel”. [3]
Parts of the Human Rights Alert submission were also presented and published in international computer science conferences, subject to anonymous peer-review.
Another Human Rights Alert submission was incorporated into the HRC 2010 Report on Human Rights in the United States with a note referring to “Corruption of the courts and the legal profession... in California”. [4]
[1] 13-06-09 Request for establishing by the Knesset Constitution, Law, and Justice Committee, whether “Chief Clerk” of the Israeli Supreme Court holds a lawful appointment record
[2] 13-06-03 Request for establishing a Parliamentary Investigative Committee filed with members of the Knesset Law, Constitution and Justice Committee
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13-06-09 Sequence of Events - Israel and the civil war in Syria

Following a quick, surprise visit to Israel by CIA Director, the Israeli government changed its agenda 180 degrees, and the People of Israel were called to be ready for massive civilian casualties for the purpose of toppling the Asad regime in Syria, which until then was of no Israeli interest at all. 

* May 17, 2013 - CIA Director Brennan's surprise visit to Israel in re: Syria.  [1]
* May 20, 2013 -  PM: Israel has no ‘favorite’ in Syrian civil war. [6]
* May 28, 2013 - Israel switches it official line: From indifference to the civil war in Syria and focus on the Iran nuclear threat, to support of toppling the Asad regime in Syria, warning the public about pending war with Syria, and conduct of conventional and non-conventional missile attack drills. [2]
* May 29, 2013 - Israeli minister announces missile attack on Israel is a matter of "when", not "if".
* May 30, 2013 - Defense Minister Ya'alon was purportedly unaware of massive IDF drill in north, which was seen as critical escalation towards war with Syria, Lebanon. [5]
June 6, 2013 - Border of Syria, Israel, Lebanon, Shows Signs of War [7]
* June 8, 2013 - Syria presents evidence of Israeli ammunition, Israeli forces on the ground in  Syria on the rebels side. [3]
June 9, 2013 - daily news continue dropping indications of escalation of tension with Syria by Israel [4]

[1]  CIA chief John Brennan makes surprise Israel visit for Syria talks
[2] 13-05-29 Iron Dome - more on US-Israeli fraud in military procurement...
[3] Assad adviser: Israel orchestrating Syrian rebels
[4] During Quneitra clashes, Israel threatened to attack Syrian forces, UN peacekeeping chief says
[5] Ya'alon was Unaware of Massive IDF Drill in North
[6] PM: Israel has no ‘favorite’ in Syrian civil war. 
[7]  Border of Syria, Israel, Lebanon, Shows Signs of War

13-06-09 Livestream broadcast from Bilderberg...





13-06-09 US: Misc news of the abuse: 12 Shocking Examples of Police Brutality...Just This Month

12 Shocking Examples of Police Brutality...Just This Month

Decades of the drug war have warped the priorities of many police departments. The results can be tragic.
June 7, 2013  |  
American law enforcement has undergone a dramatic transformation in the past few decades. The war on drugs, the world's most effective way to fill prisons with minorities while doing nothing to curtail drug use, has warped the priorities and practices of police departments around the country. As Kristen Gwynne has reported on AlterNet, federal funding incentivizes police to go after low-level drug use while neglecting more serious crimes like rape. In city after city, the crackdown on drug crime has expanded police power and pointed it straight at minorities and the poor. It's the reason we're number one when it comes to rates of incarceration. With 5 percent of the population, America has a quarter of the world's prisoners, according to the New York Times. 
Meanwhile, the decade-long war on terror has stocked local police departments with weapons from the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan—do local police really need drones and tanks? (Journalist Radley Balko has extensively documented the militarization of police by way of the wars on drugs and terror.) The shift toward more aggressive, violent policing has had tragic results on the ground. AlterNet has assembled an incomplete list of brutal and unnecessary police actions, from this month alone. 

13-06-09 NEWS - CNN covers the Bilderberg meeting!

Wonder why I don't bother to watch CNN?

13-06--09 US: "We are preparing for massive civil war," says Department of Homeland Security!

13-06-08/09 Occupy Tel Aviv #5: Sat Night - A visit to the Prime Minister's

The hosts:  Royal Couple Bibi (bombing addict) and Sarah (fashionista) Netanyahu

Jerusalem, June 9 - this Saturday night I decided to join the "not nice girls", who announced a party at the Prime Minister's. The dress code was evening/cocktail party black, woman had makeup and jewelry on. I had on freshly creased rayon black pants and contrasting black linen short sleeve shirt, my video camera and some extra cocktail napkins, just in case.
The first problem was that the venue was a bit vague: Our current Prime Minister holds three residences at full public expense, two in Jerusalem and one on the coast at Caesaria.
The chants were the same:
  • "Government, corporations - a crime organization"
  • "No to the tycoon state"
  • "They take from the poor and give to the rich - what a corrupt government"
  • "The essence is not to be afraid at all"
While Tel Aviv prides itself on its tough girls, Jerusalem has the best drummers, by far - a true synergy.
The number of participants was not that high, a few hundreds at the most. But it appeared that the Jerusalem Police panicked, in contrast with the Tel Aviv Police that handles the routine Saturday night events with ease. Live police blockades, police in riot gear, horse mounted police...
In the meanwhile, everybody was videotaping everybody else, like to true glitz event.
The police appeared to aim at blocking the demonstrators from moving anywhere, and the demonstrators engaged in a hide a seek. The demonstration would disperse, to meet again just 10 minutes later in another street corner, but in the process police would be dumbfounded where to go.
The overall experience became a night time tour of historic sites in West Jerusalem. We started near the Sergei House - a 19th century pilgrim's guest house from the Czarist period. From there we went through the arcade of the Notre Damme de France, to the corner of the walls of the old city of Jerusalem near the "New Gate", cut into the wall in the aftermath of the Crimean War, to the Franciscan Terra Sancta College. to the official residence of the prime minister.
Some dozen people were arrested, so the demonstration returned to the Russian Compound to the police station, to claim back the arrested demonstrators.
Part of the surreal scene was Arab and Ultra Orthodox Jewish spectators, who were full of questions, trying to figure out the agendas.
Overall, the drummers were superb, but the "not nice girls" are too narrowly focused on tactical and strategic goals, and they tend to see in the music just a nuisance...
I got home around 1:30am.
The next morning - no paper media coverage at all.