Sunday, December 1, 2013

13-12-01 US: Surge in popular resistance

===13-12-01 US: Surge in popular resistance===
Officer accused of refusing to take off mask during Obamacare protest. ~

A North Miami Beach police officer has been arrested, accused of refusing to take off a mask he wore while on the street protesting the federal government's new healthcare law, according to a police report.

Ericson Harrell, 39, was at the 1600 block of South University Drive in Plantation on Nov. 22, wearing a black cape and the Guy Fawkes mask seen in the movie "V for Vendetta" and holding a flagpole with an inverted U.S. flag, the report said.

He told police he was protesting Obamacare, but still he "was asked several times to remove his mask and produce some form of identification or tell us his name," according to the incident report. "He refused each time."

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