Sunday, April 14, 2013

13-04-14 Secrets of FBI Smartphone Surveillance Tool Revealed in Court Fight

I stopped carrying a cell phone around 2009 in LA, when I realized that even the taxi companies had the ability to track down my location through my cell phone.  So this is not really news.  jz

Secrets of FBI Smartphone Surveillance Tool Revealed in Court Fight

Image: rmuser/Flickr
A legal fight over the government’s use of a secret surveillance tool has provided new insight into how the controversial tool works and the extent to which Verizon Wireless aided federal agents in using it to track a suspect.

13-04-14 Banksters entering the cannibalism stage...

Brian Moynihan and Bank of America - unindicted top US racketeers

There is not much left to rob from the People, so the banksters are entering the cannibalism stage... although the lawsuit reported below is small change - $2 Billions only.[1]

"Unfortunately, this is not the only lawsuit pending against B of A pertaining to Merrill Lynch: Insurance giant Prudential (NYSE: PRU  ) has filed a claim in federal court in New Jersey claiming fraud on $2 billion worth of securities sold from 2004 to 2007 -- and leveling racketeering charges against the bank, to boot."  [underline added - jz]

The evidence for racketeering at BofA was there all along, as was the refusal of US gov to take action. [2]

Otherwise, the report, linked below, [1] entirely misrepresents the story of Merrill Lynch takeover by BofA, as if it were an independent business decision by BofA officers at the time.

In fact, as previously shown by then NY AG Andrew Cuomo, the deal was shoved down BofA throat through threats and intimidation by no others than Bernanke, Paulson, et al.  The summary of Cuomo's investigation, was sent in an April 2009 letter to US Senate, and it led financial analysts already then to call for criminal prosecution of Bernanke and Paulson... [3] 

[1] The Newest Assault on Bank of America's Profits
[2] 10-05-05 Countrywide, Bank of America (NYSE:BAC), and its President Brian Moynihan - Compilation of Records - Evidence of Racketeering
[3] 09-04-23 RE: SEC v BAC (1:09-cv-06829) State of New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo Letter to US Congress and analysts' responses:

13-04-14 Hello World!

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