Sunday, February 2, 2014

14-02-03 Hello world!

2/3 @ 2:18 : Tel Aviv, IL
2/2 @ 11:12 : Mississauga, CA
2/2 @ 11:07 : Greenbrae, California, US
2/2 @ 10:43 : Mountain View, California, US
2/2 @ 8:38 : Fès, MA
2/2 @ 7:32 : Gujranwala, PK
2/2 @ 7:21 : Santo André, BR
2/2 @ 7:10 : Yucaipa, California, US
2/2 @ 6:10 : Providence, Utah, US
2/2 @ 4:58 : Scranton, Pennsylvania, US


And the fraudster got a Nobel peace prize for promising to close this blight of historic proportions on the US... jz
Obama administration won't divulge cost of Guantanamo camp, asks court to dismiss FOIA lawsuit
The Obama administration is refusing to divulge how much it spent to build the secret prison facility at Guantanamo where the accused 9/11 co-conspirators are held and has asked a federal court to dismiss a lawsuit by a Miami Herald reporter demanding documents that would reveal the number. The Justice Department also made a separate secret filing with the court that provided more details on why the document should remain secret. That filing was not shared with the reporter's attorneys, and its contents are unknown.

14-02-02 US: 13 Portraits of Homeless People as They Want to be Viewed

How one artist's quest to challenge our perceptions led to these captivating photos of homeless people dressed and posed exactly how they wanted to be seen.

14-02-02 ISRAEL: Show trial of Daphni Leef, Israeli Social Protest leader is postponed

===14-02-02 ISRAEL: Show trial of Daphni Leef, Israeli Social Protest leader is postponed===
Leef was brutally arrested by Israel Police a year and a half ago during a lawful demonstration. Later, Israeli authorities staged a show trial against her on charges of violence against police. Plenty of video evidence shows the true nature of events. Following the opening hearing last week, when the ludicrous nature of the prosecution became too evident, next hearing was announced postponed today...

14-02-02 Stalin's Crimes Haunt The Sochi Games

Stalin's Crimes Haunt The Sochi Games
By Eric Margolis
From 1991 to 2010, 25% of Chechnya's people, Chechen and Russian, died in the savage repression. Today, a puppet regime of Chechen quislings rules Chechnya for Moscow.


Thursday, February 13, 2014; Time7:00pm
Live performances by artists, groups, other surprises.

14-02-02 #OccupyTLV: permit extended for February 2014// מאהל המחאה ת"א- הוארך האישור לפברואר

===14-02-02 #OccupyTLV: permit extended for February 2014// מאהל המחאה ת"א- הוארך האישור לפברואר===
[עברית להלן]
Regardless of the Israel Police and Tel Aviv Muni recent rampage against the camp, the permit was extended as usual. It looks
 like the recent rampage was only some temporary hormonal imbalance of the authorities...
למרות ההתנכלויות האחרונות, האישור הוארך כרגיל. כנראה שהאירועים האחרונים היו תוצאה של הפרעה הורמונלית זמנית של הרשויות...
14-01-30 OccupyTLV: Request and permit for Feb 2014 // מאהל המחאה ת"א בקשה והיתר לפברואר 2014