Tuesday, October 6, 2009

09-10-05 If you have the need to blow up some money, please consider the cause of: THE COD PROJECT by Dr Z

DISCLAIMER #1: I am not an attorney, not even by a long shot....
DISCLAIMER #2: The older I get the more I realize how clueless I am.

HI Richard:

Please do yourself a favor...

Please! Dont spend more than $1,000 on the appeal process before you are positive that you read the court document and that you understand it.

If you cannot scan the whole thing, please just fax me the first 2-4 pages. That 's it.

Fax Number: 801 998 0917

I will get back to you in 24h or less.

Last time you contacted me on the same subject, and you told me that you were too busy shelling you money on an attorney in preparation for trial, so that you had no time to read the documents. I said - you were clueless and a fool, and your attorney was clueless and a crook, unless you carefully read court documents and figured out each and every word in it.

On the other hand, if you have the need to blow up some money, I can help you with that too. I stopped working in my office a few weeks ago, and I am focusing on this biz 100%. I going to register a tax ID for a not for profit: THE COD PROJECT by Dr Z... So if you feel the need to spend money, please consider this cause.



THE COD PROJECT by Dr Z (not for profit tax ID application in progress)

CALLING UPON PRESIDENT OBAMA - FREE THE 10,000 RAMPART-FIPs (Falsely Imprisoned Persons), FREE ATTORNEY RICHARD I FINE http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/restore-justice-in-l-a
1) Best short review of the Rampart scandal massive probe (1998-2000, 200 investigators), on how the Rampart-FIPs where falsely convicted and falsely sentenced - by renowned constitutional scholar, Founding Dean of Univ of Cal Irvine Law School, Prof Erwin Chemerinsky - paper from Guild Practitioner
2) Best reference on why the Rampart-FIPs are still imprisoned - by an official panel of experts, commissioned by the LAPD itself, led by civil rights activist, Att Connie Rice - LAPD Blue Ribbon Report (2006) http://inproperinla.com/00-00-00-rampart-blue-ribbon-review-panel-2006-report.pdf
3) One reference for our low, conservative estimate of 10,000, compared to an estimate of 8,000 by the LA District Attorney office, 15,000 by criminal defense attorneys, and 30,000 by others - PBS Frontline (2001, updated 2005) http://inproperinla.com/00-00-00-rampart-first-trial-01-05-01-pbs-frontline_rampart-false-imprisonments-s.pdf
4) Full Disclosure Network video of a phone call request for assistance by Att Richard I Fine from jail http://inproperinla.blogspot.com/
Joseph Zernik, DMD PhD , Fax: (801) 998-0917