Friday, October 2, 2009

A Citizen’s Crime Complaints was filed in La Verne on crimes committed in Beverly Hills -- and the COD project is born...

It took between 10 and 15 minutes and Officer Quinn #350 accepted my complaint as Incident Report #2009-3329, for further review and forwarding to Beverly Hills and other relevant police Departments.

From the Transmittal Note of the complaint:

09-10-02 Transmittal Note for – 09-10-02 CITIZEN’S CRIME COMPLAINT1

TO: Dispatch, La Verne Police Department

By Hand Delivery


Please accept the attached papers as a Citizen’s Crime Complaint, filed with the LVPD, as part of

a request for that the LVPD issue a courtesy crime report.

Most of the specific crimes covered by such complaints were centered at Beverly Hills, California,

and resulted in real estate fraud against me, pertaining to my property at 320 South Peck Drive,

Beverly Hills, CA 90212. However, some of the interim crimes took place at other locations, in

Santa Monica, in Los Angeles, in Calabasas, and in Norwalk, California – in the County of Los

Angeles, California.

I have previously filed a number of complaints with the Beverly Hills Police Department (BHPD),

starting in early 2007, before the crimes were even consummated. BHPD initially placed

obstacles and consistently refused to accept such complaints. Later – once a complaint was filed

- it refused to issue crime reports and investigate such crimes, under the claims that they

constituted only “business disputes”. After the crimes were consummated – as documented in

opinion letter of decorated FBI veteran James Wedick, BHPD still refused to investigate the

crimes - with no explicable reason at all.

I am grateful for the help provided by LVPD in this matter. There is no doubt in my mind that

through my insistence on Equal Protection in this matter, I am providing help to many others in

Los Angeles County and elsewhere in the U.S., since the wrongdoing by the Legal Department

of Countrywide Financial Corporation in courtrooms across the U.S. is well documented.

Complaints are filed with the LVPD on paper, due to requirements of the LVPD. However, all

such complaints were imprinted with digital signatures, and are derived from digital files that are

digitally signed.

Dated: October 2, 2009 ____/s/Joseph H Zernik_______

La Verne, California Joseph H Zernik, DMD, PhD

1 NOTICE: The filer is not an attorney, and has no background in law enforcement. Therefore, no attempt was

made to assign penal code sections to the crimes. Similarly, it is requested that verbal definition of the crimes

under “claim” be ignored if found in error. Instead, the facts and the crimes should be reviewed, and law-enforcement

professionals should designate the correct violations of the law.

The complete Citizen's Crime Complaint can be viewed at: