Saturday, February 28, 2009

Respose To a Friend Who is a Supporter of Amnesty International

The tone of comments regarding FBI...

Dear Joseph:
I do not appreciate some of the tone of the comments regarding the FBI.  I realize that you feel that they have not been sufficiently responsive to you. I also found that the FBI did not properly respond to my initial complaints and concerns and did not realize the seriousness of what happened to me. 
I also recognize that the FBI does not investigate every complaint and can't follow every lead.  You will not win any justice by continuing to place more and more in front of them. " 

  • Dear Friend:

  • First of all - thanks for the response. 

  • The FBI allows Countrywide and the LA Superior Court to run on me a show trial of the kind that used to be the hallmark of the Soviet Union

  • Two weeks ago, Feb17, 2009 was the second time that Countrywide went to court to issue against me judgment of contempt and sanctions for 10s of thousands of dollars.  It is quasi-criminal procedure. And I am routinely threatened with jailing. 
  • But the trial is all fake:
  • Countrywide for two year is appearing and on all its papers it designates itself - "NON- PARTY". But there is no such thing in litigation.  So the court uses interchangeably "DEFENDANT", "PLAINTIFF", "INTERVENOR", "CROSS-DEFENDANT", "REAL PARTY IN INTEREST". But that cannot be in a real litigation. Talk with anybody who has a law degree.

  • Is it only against me?

  • The answer is no, it is against all who live in LA County.  The FBI knows for 10 or 20 years about the corruption of the courts in Los Angeles, but would not do anything.  They told me numerous times that they have no jurisdiction against state judges.  That is false. In recent months alone, they indicted judges in In new York (December 2008) and Pennsylvania (February 2009).

  • But in LA they allow widespread corruption of the courts, with the result that we have 10,000 people, mostly black and latinos, mostly U.S. citizens (not that it matters, all humans have certain rights), who are CONFIRMED INNOCENT, YET FALSELY IMPRISONED FOR OVER 10 YEARS - since they were confirmed innocent.  Here is the police report that says that:

  • The estimate of 10,000 comes from various sources, but the easiest to quote is PBS, FRONT LINE:

  • And it is an explicit violation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights - Articles 2, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12.  Six of the first 12 articles!  It is also in contradiction of the principles that Amnesty International fights for - to discriminate against certain regions of the country in the application of the law and equal protection, and to falsely imprison people for decades.  

  • So why is FBI allowing it?
  • Why ?  I don't know, there is no reason that could possibly justify the abandonment of the human rights on massive scale like that.  Even if there was - the FBI or any other government agency do not have the authority to barter the civil rights of citizens  for other purposes, even if they are worthy.

  • Why?  I don't know, but my best guess is that LA, as was the case during the Iran-Contra with CIA, is the FBI's cash cow.  The FBI, like the LAPD, sells drugs here.  The agents are enriched, but I assume that some part of it goes to some funds that are entirely outside congressional regulation.  And this source of play money is so important that the FBI cannot stop the addiction to corruption in LA.

  • Why FBI never found anything in its "intensive" national priority investigation of sub-prime lenders?
  • The answer is - because they did not want to find anything.  I heard it by phone from the head of white collar squadron in LA - that they will investigate my complaint on Countrywide, only if I separate it from any wrongdoing by judges.  But they worked hand in hand, it is impossible.  Well - the FBI would not want to find anything about the LA judges, and therefore would not find anything about countrywide.

  • You never find anything like this in writing.  But I have it even in writing.  It is a strange story, fit for a movie.  But the bottom line is that I got this email from a guy who is a veteran FBI agent, possibly the most decorated FBI agent alive.  He is talking both sides of his mouth, because he was not supposed to write it in the first place, as he himself writes.  And between the lines he says that most of the judges in LA are corrupt, and that the FBI will not investigate my complaint on countrywide because it involves the judges.

  • He is also the one who gave me the opinion letter that basically says that the court engaged in real estate fraud (you can also find his bio in there):

  • I hope that you understand me better now.

  • Joseph