Wednesday, January 22, 2014

14-01-23 SYRIA: Except for the horror and body counts, disinformation is still the rule...

Except for the horror and body counts, no information from Syria can be trusted.
Extreme manipulation of the news is a sign of our times.  jz

5 Reasons The Latest Report On Syria War Crimes May Not Be True
By Brandon Turbeville
Qatar is the sponsor of the report. Qatar is, one of the major sponsors of the Syrian invasion (aka the Syrian "rebels") and has played a massively important role in financing, training, arming, and directing the death squads.
US Feigns "Horror" Over Cooked-Up Report on Syrian War They Engineered
By Tony Cartalucci
Further details have emerged regarding the authors of the report.
A Tale Of Two Reports: Jonathan Freedland in The Guardian.
By Interventions Watch
Is it an attempt by Qatar to, simply, document regime abuses in the hope of securing justice for the victims, and furthering the cause of human rights in Syria?
War Criminal
Tony Blair 'Sickened' By Syria Photos
Former UK PM Blair says he is sickened by pictures, that allegedly prove Syrian torture.

14-01-21 US-Israel-China: Bank of China case

Recent developments:
According to Israeli media, Israel, which was behind the filing of the complaint in the US District Court in DC, filed  papers, claiming that further cooperation with the litigation would undermine Israeli "National Security".
The plaintiffs, which started the action under the blessing of the Israeli gov, now claim that such "National Security" issues are bogus, and the real issue is Israeli-Chinese financial/economic cooperation.

US purports to hold jurisdiction over conduct of Bank of China in China, under "War on Terror",  Such fabulous claims are made as part of claims for jurisdiction over banks worldwide - by a nation with notoriously corrupt banking regulation.
China dismisses such US claims.
China threatened Israel against cooperation with the US in this matter.
Israel submitted to Chinese pressure over cooperation with the US in a matter of terror against Israeli citizens in Israel.

Tectonic plate movements: 
  • Declining US influence and rising Chinese influence in the Middle-East and beyond.
  • Failure of the US to assert itself over the global banking system.

14-01-22 US: Another round of purges of US military brass by Obama?

The fact that such rumors, or news circulate, in itself is a classic Soviet style condition...

Obama Terminates Another 34 Nuclear Missile Air Force Officers

Thirty-four nuclear missile launch officers have been implicated in a “cheating scandal” and have been stripped of their certification…

14-01-22 Putin’s Choice of Snowden to Light Olympic Torch ? going around the web...

Putin’s Choice of Snowden to Light Olympic Torch Stirs Controversy

January 22nd, 2014

Just saw this on facebook

14-01-22 Facebook art: Message from OccupyMARINES, OccupyWALLSTREET

There are glaring omissions on this list, people even richer than these 85 creatures, who are the puppet masters of the world - the Rothschilds and the 'royalty' of the world.
They never appear on any lists and are worth trillions.

14-01-21 NETHERLANDS: Truckers blockade called for March 7, 2014

Will be interesting to compare to the same attempt in the US last year, police response, media coverage, etc.

Google translate: SHARE!! SHARE!! SHARE!! It will bring chaos in Netherlands organized. On Friday, March 7 at 3 pm The drivers hold power in Netherlands. All costs must be lowered Netherlands. We have to take matters into their own hands. With this being called to block. On March 7, 2014 at 15:00 in the afternoon all lanes of motorways in the Netherlands This day will be chosen because it is a Friday afternoon and concerns over the striker is gigantic. Share this post as much as possible. And let all know the Netherlands. WE HAVE TO SAT KROM TO LIE IN ORDER TO LIVE NORMAL!!
Op vrijdag 7 maart om 3 uur word er een chaos in nederland georganiseerd. De chauffeurs pakken de macht in nederland.
Alle kosten moeten in nederland omlaag. We moeten nu het heft in eigen handen nemen. Bij deze...See More
 — with Henk Groothedde and 10 others.

14-01-22 Facebook art: Snowden