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11-05-06 Welcome Canada! // Bienvenido Canadá! // 欢迎来到加拿大!

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11-05-05 Execution in Georgia // La ejecución en Georgia // 在格鲁吉亚执行


Troy Davis Facing the Death Gurney

by: Robert Wilbur, Truthout

(Photo: neal..patel)
By the time this article sees print, Georgia will almost certainly have set an execution date - his fourth - for Troy Anthony Davis, a black man who was condemned to death for killing a white Savannah police officer in 1989.

Having exhausted his court appeals, Davis may well end his life strapped down to Georgia's death gurney. But if the criminal justice system allows this execution to go forward, it will commit one of the gravest miscarriages of justice in American history - an abomination facilitated without a word of explanation by the United States Supreme Court.

A review of the evidence by a researcher on capital punishment led ineluctably to two conclusions:
  •  Davis was framed by the Savannah law enforcement authorities.
  • The Davis case is an execrable instance of the double standard of justice that American courts still routinely impose on men and women of color.

11-05-05 Welcome Canada! // Bienvenido Canada! // 欢迎来到加拿大!

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