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11-02-22 Wisconsin Capitol Shuts Off Comment Line. Is This Libya or America? // Capitolio de Wisconsin Apaga Comentar línea. Este es Libia o Estados Unidos? // 威斯康星州的国会会自动关闭注释行。这是利比亚还是美国?

Wisconsin Legislature Shuts Down Comment Line After Too Many Complaints

Demonstrators inside the Wisconsin state Capitol, February 16, 2011.


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The protesters amassed outside the state capitol in Madison, WI and their supporters across the country have succeeded in getting state Republicans to back down on at least one front: the toll-free Legislative Hotline that the legislature has kept open 24 hours a day for more than 20 years.
After a flood of calls that legislative staff tell TPM came from "unions and other non-profits," the legislature's Sergeant at Arms ordered the number disconnected Friday, a move that according to sources could save the state quite a bit of money as the protests against Gov. Scott Walker's (R) union-busting budget plan rage.
One union source said he didn't know about the call flooding, but he said that Republicans have another think coming if they believe taking down a phone number will silence the frustrated union supporters with their eyes on Madison this week.
During business hours, the Legislative Hotline is answered by a real person, a longtime staffer in the Sergeant at Arms office told me. Normally, people call to ask who their legislator is and how to contact him or her -- usually so the caller can complain about something the state government's up to.
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