Tuesday, September 17, 2013

13-09-18 The Greater Depression / Medieval-digital Era/ Robber Baron Revival Era


America's Rich Are Getting Richer Even Faster Than You Thought

By Sam Pizzigati, Blog for Our Future

We have come, as a nation, almost full circle back to the deeply unequal America of the late 1920s. 

13-09-17 Tthe tortured geography of Berlin

I visited today two other anarchist squat houses.  If you are into communal living, it is luxarious. They all have big old buildings, and they all look uniquely industrious in fixing them up, no matter how many graffiti, anarchist banners you see on the front.
Finally I also figured out the geographical issues. They are all near the former border between East and West, and that is probably the reason that they were abandoned for all the years from 1945 to 1991.

13-09-17 Hello world!

9/17 @ 3:43 : Colchester, Vermont, US
9/17 @ 3:38 : Washington, District of Columbia, US
9/17 @ 3:32 : Sutton, GB
9/17 @ 2:18 : Sutton, GB
9/17 @ 2:18 : Mclean, Virginia, US
9/17 @ 11:24 : France, FR
9/17 @ 11:20 : Biella, IT
9/17 @ 11:11 : United Kingdom, GB
9/17 @ 11:05 : Paris, FR
9/17 @ 10:18 : Bothell, Washington, US
9/17 @ 9:45 : Dubai, AE

13-09-17: ISRAEL: At the forefront of electronic surveillance and control by the banking cartel


Media in Israel today report that the government unanimously decided to restrict the use of cash money, and start measures to increase the use of credit cards. Sounds loony... I know, but it is for real... [1]

The official reason - better enforcement of tax laws. But naturally, all credit card transactions are electronically registered, and provide an excellent way to track people and their activities. Moreover, given the vast poverty in Israel today, many do not qualify for a credit card, and it is entirely unclear how such people are meant to survive if such measures would be implemented. Finally, Israeli banks engage in predatory practices and impose exorbitant interest rates on credit card over charges, and the latest decision would place people at higher risk of falling prey to the banks.

Prior to that Israel was the only nation, to the best of my knowledge, which passed a law to establish a Biometric Database of all residents, with the intention of later using it in border controls and other places. Senior Israeli computer experts, some of the best security experts in the world unanimously objected... Moreover, from the start the intention is to PRIVATIZE the Biometric Database, an entirely lunatic idea.

Prior to that, the State of Israel privatized the electronic signature systems. That means that even the electronic signatures on court papers, the equivalent of the seal of the court, are today privatized. Not only that - it was privatized to a non-public corporation, meaning that there is minimal control of its activity. Furthermore, the Human Rights Alert (NGO) report to the UN (2013) documented that the privatization of electronic signatures was unlawfully executed - by senior Ministry of Justice officials, who had no valid appointment records, and had blatant conflicts of interests. [2]

Beyond that, the standard cards for using public transportation in Israel, buses, trains, are all linked to personal IDs, which permit the tracking on which station, what time you boarded a bus or train any given day...


[1] החלטת ממשלה: ייבחן צמצום השימוש במזומן
[2]  12-06-04 Human Right Alert, Submission;  2013 UPR of the State of Israel - "Integrity, or lack thereof, of the electronic record systems of the courts of the State of Israel"

13-09-17 Nude Photographs Of Federal Judge Bill Pryor Appeared In The 1990s On A Gay Pornography Site

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13-09-17 SYRIA: UN report on nerve gas use

Various media interpreted this report in opposing ways, relative to who used the nerve gas, so here is the link to the report itself. [1]
No news from Syria should be deemed reliable, except for the body counts!
[1] United Nations Mission to Investigate Allegations of the Use of Chemical Weapons in the Syrian Arab Republic: Report on the Alleged Use of Chemical Weapons in the Ghouta Area of Damascus on 21 August 2013 

13-09-17 Hello world!

9/17 @ 11:24 : France, FR
9/17 @ 11:20 : Biella, IT
9/17 @ 11:11 : United Kingdom, GB
9/17 @ 11:05 : Paris, FR
9/17 @ 10:18 : Bothell, Washington, US
9/17 @ 9:45 : Dubai, AE
9/17 @ 8:25 : Mountain View, California, US
9/17 @ 7:38 : Berlin, DE
9/17 @ 6:18 : United States, US
9/17 @ 5:03 : Durham, North Carolina, US

13-09-17 US: Misc News of the Abuse - NYC - Police Shoot Two Innocent Bystanders in Times Square

Because there is nothing more effective than random acts of violence to keep the People terrorized and subued! jz

Occupy America

Posted: 16 Sep 2013 10:00 AM PDT

[Trigger warning: Filmed at a distance by an onlooker, you can hear the gunshots, screams, and see the women fall to the ground.]
New York city police shot two bystanders Saturday night in busy Times Square while trying to capture a mentally disturbed man. Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said the 35-year-old man had “simulated shooting the officers,” causing police to chase him through the crowds. Three shots were fired, with one hitting a 54-year-old woman in her leg and the other hitting a 35-year-old woman in her buttocks. “Hundreds of people were just running,” said witness Arken Assam, who takes photographs on 42nd Street. Police finally subdued the man with a taser, and then took him to Bellevue Hospital. Both victims were taken to nearby hospitals, and one has already been released.
According to the New York Daily News, eyewitness Mike Favilla said that "cops opened fire after the man put his hand into his pocket, pulled out a MetroCard and pointed it at the officers like it was gun."
One of the women who was shot had been walking using a walker. Screaming people ran for cover, cars were still driving in the area, and all this took place in the middle of the street.
Bloomberg's Army strikes again.