Saturday, November 3, 2012

12-11-02 Public inquiry reports are copyrighted? Scribd removed my copy of "Final Report of the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission"

Banking excutives being sworn in for testimony before the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission

For the uninitiated - the report of the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission documented the criminality underlying the current financial crisis, and cotradicted numerous statements by FBI and US banking regulators to the contrary.

I am clueless on copyright law. But it seems to me that the reports of US government inquiry commissions, which are freely downloaded, are and should be public records (except for the inevitable "classified" parts).

Anybody knows how this happened to be? After all, Scribd and Google are effectively government agencies as well.

And needless to say, I posted it not for any commercial purpose, only for ease of reference for me and for others - an educational purpose.

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12-11-02 FATCA and governor of the Bank of Israel Stanley Fischer –evidence of breach of loyalty starting as early as 2010.

Petition filed with the Supreme Court of the State of Israel alleges that Fischer replaced his loyalty to the State of Israel and its laws with loyalty to another nation and its laws and/or financial institutions and their interests in 2012.  The 2010 report by Haaretz daily suggests that Fischer and Bank of Israel have been intimately involved as early as 2010, before FATCA was even enacted, in subverting the law and sovereignty of the State of Israel. The case presents an alternative narrative for the US-Israel relationship – one where the State of Israel is administered as a US corporate province, and both the US and the State of Israel fell in the hands of the international legal/banking fraud racket.
Bank of Israel's Stanley Fischer showing off his new Israeli ID in 2005, Federal Reserve's Ben Bernanke being sworn in – an international banking fraud racket.
View as PDF:
Jerusalem, November 2 – in a letter to Haaretz daily reporter Raphael Ahren and editor-in-chief Aluf Ben, Joseph Zernik, PhD, of Human Rights Alert (NGO), objects to a false statement in a 2010 report on banking in Israel in advance of the enactment of FATCA, "The Bank of Israel hasn't handed down instructions to the banks on the matter, which doesn't fall under its purview." [1]
The letter asks the reporter and Haaretz editor in chief to disclose the source for such statement. In the report itself, the statement was unattributed.  However, it is unlikely that Haaretz daily published such statement, unless provided or cleared by senior officers at Bank of Israel.
The statement, if indeed originating in Bank of Israel, amounts to a proclamation of lawlessness in banking regulation in the State of Israel.  Through such simulated policy of the Bank of Israel, at least since 2010, Israeli banks have been placed above the law and above State of Israel's sovereignty. The banks in the State of Israel have been effectively offered free hand in establishing the law and its enforcement in the State of Israel, acting on behalf of the US government. 
Complaint, filed with Bank of Israel in August 2012, details unlawful conduct by Israeli banks, which demand that their customers, who are "US Persons" (in Israel - only individuals, but apparently not corporations) waive their banking privacy to the United States government through various unlawful threats. [2] Bank of Israel confirmed receipt of the complaint, but continues to refuse to register and review it.
Petition, filed with the High Court of Justice of the State of Israel in October 2012, named Fischer as responder, alleges that Stanley Fischer replaced his loyalty to the State of Israel and its laws with loyalty to another nation and its laws and/or financial institutions and their interests.  The complaint alleged that the evidence suggests such conduct by Fischer and Bank of Israel at least since early summer 2012. [3]
The 2010 report in Haaretz shows that the impact of FATCA on banking in the State of Israel was discussed and debated much earlier.  In view of the 2010 Haaretz report, it is likely that Bank of Israel and Stanley Fischer have been intimately involved in the design and implementation of the current simulated banking regulation policies and their simulated enforcement by Israeli banks on behalf of the government of the United States, outside the framework of the law of the State of Israel.  
Experience from the United States shows that once banks are vested in indemnity for criminality, banking regulation collapses.  Examples include the unlawful mergers of Bank of America and Countrywide Financial Corporation and later Bank of America and Merrill Lynch, which led to repeat calls for criminal indictment of Federal Reserve Chair Ben Bernanke. [4] Today, Bank of America engages in racketeering in the United States from coast to coast. [5]
Widespread corruption of banks and banking regulation in the United States is central to the successive collapse of major financial institution.  Conduct of Stanley Fischer and Bank of Israel relative to FATCA, effectively established the regulation of Israeli banks by US government, a sure recipe for financial meltdown in Israel.
Fischer renounced his US citizenship in 2005 and adopted citizenship of the State of Israel in order to become the Governor of the Bank of Israel. Prior to that, Fischer held senior positions in the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.  Fischer is also a Bilderberg member, and was the PhD advisor of the Federal Reserve's Chair Ben Bernanke. 
Conduct of Stanley Fischer and the government of the State of Israel in response to FATCA stands in sharp contrast with the response of Canada, which refuses to fold its banking regulation, and responses of both the UK and Australia, which attempt to enter international treaties with the United States on tax matters.
The case of Fischer and Bank of Israel also presents an alternative narrative for the US-Israel relationship – one where the State of Israel is administered as a US corporate province, and both the People of the United States and the State of Israel under the grip of an international legal/banking fraud racket.
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