How inept is she? What the hell is a "Marine house?" Why is she referring to a Hollywood movie during her testimony about the mistakes and lies surrounding Benghazi?
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Amb. "Stephens Was Running Guns"
Gen. Boykin's Claims U.S. Gun-Running to Syrian Rebels Through Benghazi
By Billy Hallowell
"I believe there has been significant information that has come out recently calling into question whether the ambassador was either involved in or making preparations for supplying material to the Syrian resistance forces."


Hillary: What Difference Does It Make If We Lied?

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That’s not quite the way she put it, of course. But that’s my takeaway.
“What difference does it make”?! Followed by “it is our job to figure out what happened”?
He should have called her on that.
When you engage in righteously righteous outrage, sometimes you have to listen to what you’re actually saying as you pound on the table.
Via Hot Air.
After you watch that, you’ll be ready to watch Rand Paul rip her apart:
Also via Hot Air.
Look at the smirk on her face. He should have called her on that.
This isn’t funny, Ms. Clinton.
Still, good stuff. It’s satisfying to watch someone with nerve tear into her.