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2014-11-10 Rotem, Bibi, electronics container, murder of a source and refusal of Israeli State Ombudsman to accept a complaint - reported by // רותם, ביבי, מכולת אלקטרוניקה, רצח מקור, וסירובו של מבקר המדינה לקבל תלונה - דווח בסוכנות ידיעות בארה"ב

2014-11-10 Rotem, Bibi, electronics container, murder of a source and refusal of Israeli State Ombudsman to accept a complaint - reported by //
  רותם, ביבי, מכולת אלקטרוניקה, רצח מקור, וסירובו של מבקר המדינה לקבל תלונה - דווח בסוכנות ידיעות בארה"ב
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General News 11/9/2014 at 21:57:13

Israeli Ombudsman refuses to accept whistle-blower complaint against PM Netanyahu - smuggling, murder of a "source"

The case of whistle-blower Rafi Rotem is no longer a case of the Tax Authority corruption. The case provides clear evidence of systemic, widespread corruption of the Israeli courts and justice system.

(image by Joseph Zernik)
Social Protest activists in Direct Action - sit-in in the State Ombudsman's office in Tel-Aviv, Wednesday evening.

(image by Joseph Zernik)
Rafi Rotem - the Tax Authority whistle-blower - Israel Police officers, and the complaint that the State Ombudsman's office refused to accept - Wednesday around 9:00pm.

(image by Joseph Zernik)
Hand-written statement by Tax-Authority whistle-blower Rafi Rotem, regarding the complaint he attempted to file with the Israeli Ombudsman on October 29, 2014. The record was signed by Mr Rafi Rotem in the presence of the author. [i] English translation of the hand-written statement follows.
October 29, 2014
Complaint, which the State Ombudsman refuses to accept, and called police against me.
- About 10 years ago, investigation was underway in the Tel-Aviv Investigations Department of the Tax Authority, regarding smuggling of a container of television projectors, worth millions of NIS.
- The import was under the name of a corporation name "Sonar".
- Initial investigation uncovered that the true "Sonar" owners were unrelated to the smuggling.
- The investigation clarified that a central Likud [Netanyahu's part - jz] activist (Sh.B.) was the smuggler.
- Although the container was seized - in an unprecedented step, the container was released by the Director of the Investigations Department Rafi Amiel, and the investigation file was entirely covered up.
- An intelligence source approached me and told me that he was a witness of a telephone conversation of the Likud activist with Bibi (Benjamin - jz] Netanyahu, who then was Treasury Minister, and that Bibi assisted in releasing the container.
- A document in this matter was forwarded to [Tax Authority Investigations Department - jz] Security Officer Yoram Tibi, who did nothing about it.

2014-11-09 Cold War 2.0: A currency/banking war

At stake are survival of the US Dollar and US domination of the world's financial system...  In nations that yielded to the US, banks were vested with the bankster status... above the law! Israel is a prime example...
On the ground Cold War 2.0 has flared more recently in Ukraine, in mutual accusation regarding responsibility for downing MH17, in tests of nuclear systems in both US and Russia, etc.  (Chomsky issued a statement that the current nuclear confrontation is endangering the world).
But the underlying issues are currencies and banking.
FATCA is one of the early foundations of Cold War 2.0, which is a currency and banking war in its essence.  Nations, like Israel, which yielded to FATCA, accepted submission to the corrupt US banking system and the US government.
The opposing foundation is in the formation of the BRICS group.  With it came the establishing of a new world bank last summer in Rio, to rival the one dominated by the US, objection to the IMF in principle, denomination of major gas deals in non-USD currencies, issuance of new bank cards by China and Russia, tours by both Putin and the Chinese president last summer in Latin American nations (US back yard... Monroe...) and promises of assistance, particularly to Argentina - victim of US banking/court fraud of medieval style and proportions, and to Cuba - regarding the development of an under sea oil field, which the US had blocked...
The BRICS nations also plan to dispose of USD as a reserve currency.
What is at stake is the survival of the USD.  Absent its position as an international reserve and energy currency, it is doubted that it can maintain its value, or even close to it...
The position of Europe is critical in Cold War 2.0.  And it does not look like the US would be able to dominate it as in the past, except for the UK, a routine lackey...  For example, the US is pressuring EU to sanction and isolate Russia, but a couple of weeks ago 50 heads of state, including Putin appeared in Milano for the "Eurasian Summit". US and Israel were of course not there...  The event was hardly covered by Israeli media, not clear to me to what degree it was covered by US media at all... (I copied the closest that I could find from the Washington Post above).
FATCA established the nations that yielded to the US in this currency/banking war.  In return, the banks of these nations were offered the bankster status -  above the law of the land...
Israel is a perfect example:
A recent article (could not find in English) reviewed the situation in detail, and explains that Bank of Israel issued no regulations. Banks were given by Bank of Israel a free hand to implement FATCA whichever way they see fit...
In parallel there are more on more reports of corruption of the banking system in Israel - US-style: starting from fraud on consumers in the courts, and ending with massive banking fraud cases (the latest - Bank Leumi), where no executive is held accountable...
Stanley Fischer was of course a key figure in this respect, in submitting Israel to FATCA.  He also established a policy of high volume USD purchase, basically betting the Israeli reserve on the USD... (and in his tax statements for the Fed appointment, it turned out that he had substantial holding in the financial firm that he delegated the management of the Israeli UDS purchases and reserves...)

BRICS heads of state at the signing of the agreement on new world bank in Rio, this summer.

Leaders pose for the family photo during the10 ASEM Summit with 50 Heads Of State From Europe And Asia on October 16 2014 in Milan ItalyThe...

US Treasury pressures overseas banks with ‘financial imperialism’ over tax evaders

Published time: November 08, 2014 04:52
Reuters/Kim Hong-Ji
Reuters/Kim Hong-Ji

חשבונות בנק של תושבי חוץ הוקפאו לאחר שסירבו להצהיר כי שילמו מס במדינתם

בעוד שארה"ב כבר הסדירה חוקים נוקשים לגבי המידע שהיא דורשת מבנקים בעולם על החשבונות של אזרחיה, שאר מדינות המערב עדיין נמצאות באמצע הדרך ■ בינתיים, בהיעדר בסיס משפטי מוצק, 
הבנקים בישראל מגבשים מדיניות עצמאית מול לקוחותיהם תושבי החוץ


2014-10-21 RUSSIA: Unique inside view of the Russian perspective on Cold War 2.0, US sanctions, Ukraine, US Dollar, US banking...
Unique video from Russia, interview with top Putin economic advisers, with full English subtitles. They represent the school named "Eurasian Sovereignty".
* The US economy and US economic/financial system are in a deep crisis
* The US policy is to export its economic/financial crisis, and weaken its allies.
* Standard of living is declining for people in the US and allied nations.
* The main instrument in such destructive policies: a) Dominance of the US Dollar and US financial system, which enables the US to determine the profits of other nations. b) Creating military chaos, under the guise of protecting world security, and demanding payment from its allies for such services...
* Resistance is building up across the international board, including China and EU, but Russia is presently the only one who is openly resisting such US policies, because of the US aggression in Ukraine. As a result Russia is suffering from US retaliation. EU is unlikely to dare to stand up to US pressure and lift the sanctions.
* Russia is deficient in offering an alternative economic model: Czarist Russia relied on the Orthodox/Christian/biblical model; Communist USSR relied on the Marxist egalitarian model. Now Russia officially advocates a liberal, western style economic model. But that model is failing in the West. There is an urgent need to develop an alternative model.
* Russia must develop an alternative financial system to counter the US controlled US Dollar and dominance of the US banking/financial system. It was premature to conceive such a move 10 or 20 years ago, but now is the time!
Trust not in princes, nor in the children of men, in whom there is no safety. His breath shall go forth, and he shall return to his earth; in that day all his thoughts shall perish.

2014-11-09 US Consul confirms "read" a notice, re PM Netanyahu implicated in smuggling, murder of a "source" // קונסול ארה"ב אישר "נקרא" הודעה הקושרת את ביבי להברחת אלקטרוניקה, רצח מקור

2014-11-09 US Consul, Jerusalem, Jerusalem, confirms "read" a notice, re: Tax Authority Rafi Rotem's complaint, implicating PM Netanyahu in electronics smuggling, murder of a "source", and refusal of the State Ombudsman to accept the complaint
[עברית להלן]
קונסול ארה"ב, ירושלים, ירושלים, אישר "נקרא"  - הודעה על תלונתו של חושף השחיתויות רפי רותם, הקושרת את ביבי להברחת אלקטרוניקה, רצח מקור, וסירובו של מבקר המדינה לקבל את התלונה
Similar notice was forwarded to the Chinese, German, and Russian Ambassadors to Israel. The information should supplement US Ambassador Cunningham 2009 report, describing the merger of organized crime and State authorities in Israel.
Pictures: PM Benjamin Netanyahu, whistle-blower Rafi Rotem
OccupyTLV, November 11 - US Consul, Jerusalem, Jerusalem, confirmed "Read" a notice, regarding complaint of whistle-blower Rafi Rotem, implicating PM Netanyahu in smuggling of electronic goods and murder of a Tax Authority intelligence source, and refusal of State Ombudsman Yosef Shapira to accept the complaint.

Picture: "Read: confirm message from US Consul, Jerusalem, Jerusalem

Similar notices were forwarded to the Chinese, German, and Russian Ambassadors in Israel. 

The information provided to the Ambassadors and Consuls also includes:
*  The November 6, 2014 report, "Mounting evidence for perversion of justice, fraud upon the court in the criminal prosecution of whistle-blower Rafi Rotem", [1] which provides the latest episode in this matter:  Mouting evidence of fraud, being committed in the criminal prosecution of whistle-blower Rafi Rotem on "insulting public service employees" in the Tel-Aviv Magisrate Court, through collusion of the Public Defender's office, the Police Prosecution, and a wide range of judicial officers.  The whistle-blower Rafi Rotem affair, going on for over a decade, started as a Tax Authority corruption scandal. However, by now it has produced unique evidence of thorough corruption of the Israeli justice system.  
The November 6, 2014 opinion piece by Haaretz daily's senior legal correspondent, [2] which describes the acquittal by the Israeli Supreme Court of former PM Ehud Olmert of bribes charges as a "toxic message" in the fight against government corruption in Israel. 

The notice adds that the Human Rights Alert (NGO) submission to the UN Human Rights Council UPR (2013), which was incorporated into the UPR Professional Staff Report, documents that such corruption is relatively new, and that it has rapidly developed over the past 15-20 years (roughly - the post PM Rabin assassination period). [3-4]

The notice concludes that such information should be of interest to those studying society and government in Israel.  It supplements the 2009 report by US Ambassador James Cunningham, "ISRAEL: A PROMISED LAND FOR ORGANIZED CRIME?". [5]  The Cunningham report notes the process of merging organized crime and State authorities in Israel.   However, the Cunningham report fails to address the thorough corruption of the justice system over the past two decades as a key to such conditions in Israeli today.

[1] 2014-11-08 Mounting evidence of Fraud Upon the Court in criminal prosecution of Israeli whistle-blower Rotem: Rotem asks to inspect and to copy the records in the Public Defender's file in his case 
ראיות למכביר לשיבוש הליכים והונאה בבית המשפט בתביעה הפלילית נגד רפי רותם - חושף השחיתויות ברשות המסים: רותם מבקש לעיין ולהעתיק את הכתבים בתיק הסנגוריה הציבורית בתביעה הפלילית נגדו.
[2] 2014-11-07 ISRAEL: The Supreme Court sent a "toxic message" in fighting corruption of the political system
פסק הדין במשפט אולמרט - פרשת טלנסקי - "מסר רעיל" למלחמה בשחיתות
[3] 2009-05-15 Viewing cable 09TELAVIV1098, ISRAEL: A PROMISED LAND FOR ORGANIZED CRIME? US Ambassador James B. Cunningham
מברק 09TELAVIV1098, ישראל: הארץ המובטחת לפשע המאורגן? שגריר ארה"ב ג'יימס קאנינהם

קונסול ארה"ב, ירושלים, ירושלים, אישר "נקרא"  - הודעה על תלונתו של חושף השחיתויות רפי רותם, הקושרת את ביבי להברחת אלקטרוניקה, רצח מקור, וסירובו של מבקר המדינה לקבל את התלונה
הודעה דומה הועברה לשגרירויות גרמניה, רוסיה וסין בישראל.  המידע משלים את הדו"ח משנת 2009 של שגריר ארה"ב בישראל קאנינגהם, שתיאר את מיזוג הפשע המאורגן ורשויות הממשל בישראל.

תמונות: ראש הממשלה נתניהו, חושף השחיתויות רפי רותם.
מאהל המחאה ת"א, 11 לנובמבר - קונסול ארה"ב, ירושלים, ירושלים, אישר "נקרא" את ההודעה לגבי תלונתו של חושף השחיתויות רפי רותם, הקושרת את ראש הממשלה נתניהו להברחת סחורות אלקטרוניות ורצח "מקור" של רשות המסים, וכמו כן מתעדת את סירובו של מבקר המדינה, יוסף שפירא לקבל תלונה זאת.

תמונה: אישור "נקרא" מקונסול ארה"ב, ירושלים, ירושלים.

הודעה דומה נשלחה לשגרירויות גרמניה, סין, ורוסיה בישראל.

המידע שהועבר לשגרירויות כולל גם:
* מאמר מיום 6 לנובמבר, 2014, "ראיות למכביר לשיבוש הליכים, הונאה בבית המשפט בתביעה הפלילית נגד חושף השחיתויות רפי רותם". [1] המאמר מתאר את האפיזודה האחרונה בפרשה זאת: שיתוף פעולה של הסנגוריה הציבורית, התביעה המשטרתית, ושופטים ברמות שונות בהונאה בתביעה פלילית נגד רותם על "העלבת עובד ציבור".  פרשת רפי רותם, הנמשכת מעל לעשור, החלה כפרשת שחיתות ברשות המסים. אולם במשך השנים יצרה ראיות ייחודיות לשחיתות נרחבת של מערכת המשפט.
* מאמר "דעות" מיום 6 לנובמבר, 2014 של הכתב המשפטי של הארץ, [2] המתאר את זיכויו של אהוד אולמרט מעבירות שוחד בפרשת טלנסקי כ"מסר רעיל" של בית המשפט העליון לאלה הלוחמים בשחיתות הממשל בישראל.

המידע מוסיף שההגשה של סייג לזכויות האדם (NGO) לבדיקה התקופתית של מועצת זכויות האדם של האו"ם (2013), שנכלל בדו"ח של הצוות המקצועי של הבדיקה התקופתית, מתעד ששחיתות זאת היא יחסית חדשה, ושהתפתחה במהירות ב-15-20 השנים האחרונות (בערך - התקופה שלאחר רצח רבין). [3-4]

ההודעה מסכמת שמידע זה יעניין את אלה החוקרים את החברה והממשל בישראל.  מידע זה משלים את הדו"ח של שגריר ארה"ב בישראל ג'יימס קאנינגהם, "ישראל: הארץ המובטחת לפשע המאורגן?". [5] הדו"ח של קאנינגהם מתאר תהליך של מיזוג הפשע המאורגן ורשויות הממשל בישראל.  אולם הדו"ח של קאנינגהם אינו מתייחס לשחיתות הנרחבת של מערכת המשפט בישראל בעשרים השנים האחרונות כמפתח להבנת המצב בישראל היום.

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