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13-02-17 Obama's fake ID papers up to the Supreme Court of the United States... let's take the bets...

Caligula and his horse.

Criminality at the top of a lawless bankrupt nation.

So let's take the bets... 

Will the honorable justices of the Supreme Court of the United States adjudicate this case in a manner that is consistent with the law of the United States, or any logic and notiion of justice? 

Or will this become the laughing stock of the history of the judicial system of the United States?

Caligula famously planned to lawfully appoint his horse as a Consul of the Roman Senate... But this is well above the Consul level.


On Sunday, February 17, 2013 12:48:51 AM UTC+2, Bob Hurt wrote:

Supreme Court To Conference On Obama Eligibility - February 15, 2013


Today, February 15, 2013, Attorney Orly Taitz brings her request to move the Obama eligibility challenge from conference to the oral hearing stage at the US Supreme Court.

The crux of the Taitz challenge to Barack Obama’s legitimacy to serve as US President involves the following charges: use of forged IDs and a stolen CT Social Security number; last name not legally his; fraudulent claim to being US Citizen; legal last name is SOEBARKAH on certified copy of passport records of Obama’s mother S. Ann Dunham (Taitz is presenting this passport evidence!); Obama’s Indonesian school records show his citizenship to be Indonesian; credible expert testimony by law enforcement individuals in sworn affidavits showing the birth certificate and selective service certificates are forged; the 2009 Social Security number on Obama’s tax returns failed both E-Verify and SSNVUS.

13-02-17 More on US-China relations

With all its intents of "soft landing" of the US, it is hard for the Chinese to contain another nation, whose government is determined to cause its own nation's implosion.

Below is another example of juvenile delinquent conduct by the US government, on international banking of all matters, where US banking regulation is notoriously corrupt and a key perpetrator of the financial crisis.  

The current move of the US government, relative to FATCA, may end up in a farce. However,  conduct of the US stands in total disregard of the spirit and the letter of the Basel Accords on international banking, and the US government ends up positioning the Chinese government as the only responsible adult on the scene.



Swiss parliament, people should say ‘No!’

James George Jatras for

February 14, 2013
Washington, DC

Today the U.S. Treasury Department announced it had signed an “intergovernmental agreement” (IGA) for the enforcement of the “U.S. Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act” (FATCA) in Switzerland.   The announcement apparently breaks a dry spell for Treasury in its continuing efforts to dragoon foreign states, euphemistically dubbed “FATCA Partners,” into submitting to the extraterritorial imposition of this expensive and burdensome U.S. law on their institutions and citizens.

The Swiss agreement is the first one finalized on the “Model 2” “non-reciprocal” IGA version, under which the non-U.S. “Partner” dispenses with even the pretense that this is a mutual exchange of information.  By signing the agreement, Switzerland is unilaterally capitulating to Washington’s threat of sanctions and not even claiming to get anything in return except (hopefully) some small relief from the massive costs FATCA would impose. 

Even that hope is illusory in light of the fact that under “Model 2,” Swiss institutions would report directly to the IRS instead of to the Swiss tax authority.   Also of doubtful value is the inclusion on Annex II of the IGA of entities “deemed compliant” with FATCA, such as the Swiss Central Bank, since the U.S. side can insist on modification of the IGA (including “to remove entities, accounts, and products . . . due to changes in circumstances”) simply by threatening unilateral cancellation of the agreement (under Article 16(2)).

Swiss citizens will have their say, Americans will not

Even Swiss supporters of the IGA show little enthusiasm for an agreement imposed only because of a U.S. threat of what amount to sanctions

Bankers Association “welcomes” signing, but remains critical of Fatca

The Swiss Bankers Association said Thursday noon that it “welcomes the signing of an agreement” and hopes for a swift ratification. Thanks to the agreement, “the complexity and costs arising from the unilateral Fatca legislation introduced by the US will be reduced for Swiss financial intermediaries.” But it remains critical of Fatca, stating that “The banks nevertheless continue to view Fatca critically due to the costs it incurs and the administrative burden it creates. Were they, however, to refuse to implement Fatca, they would face competitive disadvantages internationally that would jeopardise their survival.”

Parliament and Swiss media, where several voices have objected to the US imposing its own laws in other countries, may be less enthusiastic, and it remains to be seen if pragmatism wins out. [Source:  “US-Switzerland sign controversial Fatca agreement (update) , February 14, 2013”

But at least on the Swiss side the IGA will be tested by constitutional procedures and the democratic voice of the people.   The IGA must win parliamentary approval and may possibly be put to a popular referendum.   The Swiss People’s Party – part of the governing coalition and largest party in the parliament – has said it reserved the right to reject the FATCA deal, accurately accusing “Washington of imposing its laws outside its own borders and lacking respect for the sovereignty of other states.”  If the Swiss people take a hard look at what clearly is a bad deal, they will say No. 

On the American side, by contrast, Treasury claims the IGA is just an “Executive Agreement,” requiring no Congressional approval.  That may not wash on Capitol Hill.  Even though the U.S.-Swiss IGA cites the U.S. tax convention in several places and claims to be acting “pursuant” to it, the IGA is not being submitted to the Senate for its advice and consent.  Indeed, the IGA even cites as authority amendments to the U.S.-Swiss tax convention that have not yet even been ratified, having been held up in the Senate on constitutional concerns by Senator Rand Paul (R-Kentucky).  

In short, some in Congress will see the IGAs with Switzerland and other countries – which are nowhere mentioned in or authorized by FATCA or any other statute – for what they are: Treasury’s blatant disregard for Congress’s authority and an attempt to end-run the American democratic process.   We will see whether they will be allowed to get away with it.

Meanwhile, all not well on the “reciprocal” front

While the Treasury Department and FATCA supporters can be expected to tout the U.S.-Swiss agreement as evidence they are back on a roll in herding countries into IGAs, in reality efforts to secure signatures of “Partner” governments still appear to be slow going.   Treasury remains far behind their target of 17 countries they had expected to sign up by the end of 2012 and of the 50 they claim to be negotiating with, particularly those that (unlike Switzerland) require at least the fiction of evenhandedness in the “Model 1” version. 

In particular, “negotiations have not progressed with key U.S. trading partners Canada and China.”   Canada, our largest trading partner with many dual-citizens, expats, and “accidental Americans” who would be particularly hard hit by FATCA, would find compliance particularly difficult, with an IGA or without.   China, for both practical reasons and on principle, appears steadfast in telling the U.S. it won’t comply.  As Nigel Green, CEO of deVere Group has noted:

The entire FATCA project could ultimately come unstuck if China refuses to comply, and start a domino effect all over the world.  If that were to happen, FATCA would become a farce, as it cannot effectively function without the agreement of every government all over the globe.

Let’s hope so!

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13-02-16 China-US in WW 3, and Patrick Henry

With all its intents of "soft landing" of the US, it is hard for the Chinese to contain another nation, whose government is determined to cause its nation's implosion.

From a discussion board:

In a way the below is old news.  For a long time the US has been propped up by China (including the cost of extravagant wars that are far beyond the means of the United States).
The disturbing thing about the situation is the attitude of the US, which is reflected in the article, which calls the Chinese conduct a "declaration of war" and "axis of evil".  In fact, the Chinese are taking logical, legitimate steps to insure the value of the retirement savings of their own people.  Currently, it is too heavily invested in US dollars, and the dollar is sure to decline.  The interest rates are minimal, so the outcome is attrition of their savings.
The up side of the story is that the Chinese government has a much more mature attitude to world problems than the US government.  It is the responsible adult on the scene.  It plans years in advance, in contrast with the US gov, which appears to whip it as we go..
The Chinese realized a long time ago that they are becoming the world's dominant power, and that the decline of the US is inevitable.  However, they decided NOT to destabilize the US and NOT let it collapse.  It is too dangerous and too unpredictable.  The Chinese, if you haven't noticed it, are not into starting international wars (but internally they are ruthless, e.g., Tibet).  
Instead, they favor "soft landing" of the US - slow decline of the US to a second league world power.  
However, the US seems to be doing everything possible to undermine the Chinese "soft landing" strategy and the US government appears to be doing everything possible to ensure implosion.
So what is China to do?
Imagine yourself stuck with a delinquent juvenile as a son.  You would not want to turn him over to the police.  After all he is your son.  You try talking sense into him, but he keeps selling drugs, breaking into the neighbors' houses and stealing from them, terrorizing people on the streets...  He also has a tendency for inflicting pain on himself.  He has accumulated a collection of tatoos, since he enjoys the pain. He sometimes even cuts himself for fun, burns himself, with the scars left as decorative souvenirs.  He often gets into fights that he knows are going to hurt badly.
So you try bribing him, give him good pocket money every week, hoping that if he has money, he would not engage in criminality, and at the same time, it would provide you some leverage in controlling his behavior, especially if you give the money in small dozes, to keep him on a short leash.
That is basically what the Chinese are doing, buying T-bills every month, not asking for extravagant interest rates, keeping the US afloat, and trying to talk sense into it.  At the same time, they must diversify.  They cannot continue to accumulate reserves of the Chinese People's Bank so heavily invested in US dollars.
The problem, as you know, a delinquent juvenile is afflicted with a form of sociopathy, and this approach may moderate the juvenile to some degree, but it would never make him a model citizen, or anything close...  And every other week the father must be ready for some minor disaster...
What is the real the solution, both for the US dollar problem, and many other ills we are facing? A radical change in the US, to reinvent it as a good citizen in the family of nations, and also not so self destructive...
The current state of the union is unsustainable.  The US in its current form is unmanageable.
I believe that the beginning of such transformation is by raising the issue of secession.  It would immediately change the attitude of the federal government into more realistic proportions, when it knows that its citizens and the several state are not its captives, only willing partners in the union - as long as it is functional.
In that respect, I consider the Quebec vote on secession the best thing that happened to Canada...  It did not end in secession, but it made it an ongoing option - marriage with an option of no fault divorce.  It made it clear that the Canadian government is on probation...  They would never be able to get into the same reckless mode of behavior of the current US regime.

On Thu, Feb 14, 2013 at 11:45 PM, B wrote:
I thought you might find this interesting.  I know Tampa's Harry McKay personally.  He gives a pretty good Patrick Henry Speech.  He shares this gloom and doom article about China an its trove of US currency.

What do YOU make of it?

Maybe someone should ask Edwin Vieira to venture some comments.

CC him on any comments

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 Sorry I have been so slow on getting back to you all.  I purpose to be more diligent and organized in the
The link to the my redention of the Patrick Henry speech which I am honored to do is at: 
I would like to have a copy of the speech done at the Guns Across America rally.  If you know who to contact, please let me know.
I am copying a document I received that informed me and disturbed me as to what is going on with the dollar [petrodollar] and its coming
collapse and the gov't debt, I wanted to send it to you.  I have heard bits and pieces before but this puts a lot of the puzzle together.
I believe you will profit from it.  I also copyied an article referred to in this article from the Examiner which is at the bottom.  Read and weep
and most of all, prepare!  I have given the website links to the articles also.
If there is anything that is untrue, please let me know.  I want to know the truth!
World War III:
China's New Axis of Evil
On September 6, 2012, Russia and China quietly signed a Declaration of War on the American way of life.
It will banish the dollar into the dustbin of failed currencies ... crush the retirement accounts of millions of Americans ... and change the financial destiny of every U.S. citizen.
Here are 5 steps you must take IMMEDIATELY to secure your wealth ... and turn this calamity into potential windfall profits of 112%, 290%, even 368% within the next 12 months ...
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