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11-10-19 Abuse of Bradley Manning continues // El abuso de Bradley Manning continúa // 布拉德利曼宁滥用继续

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U.N. torture investigator says access to Manning denied, condemns solitary confinement

By the Bradley Manning Support Network. October 19, 2011
Report on Bradley Manning to be Released Soon
NEW YORK — Juan Mendez, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture, confirmed yesterday that the Department of Defense has blocked his requests for an unmonitored meeting with PFC Bradley Manning, the accused WikiLeaks whistle-blower. He told reporters gathered at a U.N. General Assembly committee on human rights that he would be issuing a report on Bradley Manning’s case “in the next few weeks.”


Human Rights, Freedom of the press, censorship and control of internet access are among subjects to be discussed in:


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U.N. torture investigator says access to Manning denied, condemns solitary confinement

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11-10-24 Chemical bomb in Occupy Maine protest; Nurse volunteers arrested in Occupy Chicago // Bomba química en Ocupar protesta Maine, enfermeras voluntarias arrestado en Chicago Ocupar // 化学炸弹占据缅因州抗议;被捕的护士志愿者占据芝加哥

Chem Bomb Tossed into Occupy Maine Encampment; Police Seeking Suspects

At around 4 AM Sunday morning, a chemical bomb was tossed into an Occupy Maine encampment in Portland. It exploded as protesters slept, yet fortunately no one was injured. According to Police Sgt. Glen McGarry, the bomb consisted of several chemicals mixed into a Gatorade bottle, and was thrown under a tarp into the kitchen area of the encampment. Local police are investigating.

Here's the press release from Occupy Portland:

Early Sunday morning, around 4am, the members of the Occupy Maine camp at Lincoln Park woke up to a loud explosion. Witnesses who were awake said a car driving by slowed down, and lobbed an IED over the fence. Within a few seconds, it exploded. The blast reportedly lifted a table about a foot off the ground. The table generally requires 2 people to lift and move. The target was the center of camp where the overnight security team was.
One witness said this type of bomb could have caused a lot more damage if certain things were added and a lot of campers are fearful of another attack. Thankfully no one was injured last night but police investigators were on scene for 2 hours to identify the chemicals used and to try to find out who is responsible.
The suspect car is said to be a Silver 4-Door Sedan from the late 80s-mid 90s and possibly a Toyota or Nissan and if you have any more information, you are encouraged to contact the Portland Police Department at 207-874-8575.
Here's a video of the encampment taken after the explosion, via DailyKos:

By Julianne Escobedo Shepherd | Sourced from AlterNet

Posted at October 24, 2011, 7:28 am

Nurses' Union Condemns Rahm Emanuel for Chicago's Arrest of Nurse Volunteers With Protesters

 Mayor Michael Bloomberg has been the most public enemy of the Occupy movement, but in Chicago Rahm Emanuel, President Obama's former chief of staff, is quickly becoming his competition for the title. 
A late-night crackdown on protesters camping out resulted in the arrest not only of over a hundred protesters, but of nurses volunteering at a first aid station set up at the occupation. National Nurses United, the country's largest union of nurses, condemned the arrests. 
“Even in wartime, combatants respect the work of nurses and other first responders. Yet Mayor Emanuel and Chicago seem to care as little about that tradition as they do in protecting the constitutional rights of free speech and assembly.” said NNU Executive Director RoseAnn DeMoro in a statement. “These arrests are disgraceful and unconscionable, and will not deter our nurses from continuing this mission, setting up the station again, and continuing to support the protests.”
The nurses' union has set up first aid stations in five other cities that are currently seeing occupations, including in New York. 
Emanuel, who was known for his Wall Street ties as a congressman and as a member of the Obama administration, has initiated several crackdowns and mass arrests of the Chicago occupiers, who seem undaunted. Perhaps his crackdowns are an attempt to get protests under control in advance of coming meetings of the G-8 and NATO in that city in coming months. 
“Instead of showing off for world leaders, and paying allegiance to protecting the economic interests of the top 1 percent, Mayor Emanuel should stop, and start representing the 99 percent, the people for whom the occupy movement has become a clear voice,” DeMoro said.
By Sarah Jaffe | Sourced from AlterNet 

Posted at October 23, 2011, 1:34 pm

11-10-24 WikiLeaks stops publishing, cites low funds // WikiLeaks deja de publicar, cita a los fondos de baja// 维基解密停止出版,援引低资金

Freedom of the Press works only as long as one doesn't try to publish banking records.

[1] 10-12-25 Banks and WikiLeaks - NYTimes


WikiLeaks stops publishing, cites low funds

Wikileaks will stop publishing, saying that a "financial blockage" from PayPal, Bank of America and other sites are depleting its funding

By Hayley Tsukayama, Monday, October 24, 5:51 PM

WikiLeaks will stop publishing leaked documents, the group's founder Julian Assange announced in a press conference Monday.

"Since the 7th of December 2010, an arbitrary and unlawful financial blockade imposed by the Bank of America, Visa, MasterCard, PayPal and Western Union has destroyed 95 percent of our revenue," Assange said in a London press conference streamed online Monday morning.


11-10-20 Initiative for review of the US justice system is blocked in Congress // Iniciativa para la revisión del sistema de justicia de EE.UU. está bloqueada en el Congreso // 检讨美国司法系统的倡议是在国会受阻

Requests filed with US Attorney General, US Congress, and the American Bar Association for review of evidence of large-scale fraud in the US courts

The news report below supports requests for review of the integrity, or lack thereof, of the electronic record systems of the US courts (PACER and CM/ECF). , [1,2,3] which have been filed in recent months with:
  • US Attorney General Eric Holder,
  • Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Patrick Leahy, and
  • The American Bar Association
Credible evidence has been amassed of large-scale fraud in the US courts, in both criminal and civil cases,  through the online publication of minutes, decisions, orders, and judgments, which the courts themselves deem invalid and void. Such judicial records are published in a manner, where the public and parties cannot distinguish between valid and void court records.

The evidence has been peer-reviewed, published, and presented in international computer science and criminology conferences, as indicated and referenced in the linked records.

11-07-06 Request filed by Windsor and Zernik with US Attorney General Eric Holder for Review of Integrity of Public Access and Case Management Systems of the US Courts
[2] 11-10-13 Requesting Senator Leahy, Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee to Initiate Review of Evidence of Large-scale Fraud in the Electronic Record Systems of the US Courts s
[3] 11-10-11 Seeking Review by American Bar Association of the Electronic Record Systems of the US Courts-s

Republicans block justice review proposal in Senate

By DAVID ROGERS | 10/20/11 4:02 PM EDT

Invoking "states rights" and the Constitution, Senate Republicans Thursday torpedoed an ambitious plan to create a national blue ribbon bipartisan commission to do a top-to-bottom review of the U.S. criminal justice system and report back potential reforms in 18 months.

The 57-43 roll call - three short of the 60 supermajority needed - dramatized again how politically divided the chamber has become.

Almost identical legislation cleared the House in the last Congress on a simple voice vote with Republican backing and had been approved with bipartisan support in the Senate Judiciary Committee last year as well.

Given endorsements from the American Bar Association and many police and sheriffs organizations, proponents had hoped to clear the 60 vote supermajority required in the Senate. But under a barrage of last-minute attacks, Republican support wilted. And the chief sponsor, Sen. Jim Webb (D-Va.), found himself deserted by even his long time associate and fellow Vietnam veteran, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.).

"We're not done," Webb told POLITICO. "There were very specific answers to everything that was raised there. There is no states rights issue in convening the best minds in America to give you advice and observations about the overall criminal justice system."

Read more:
[1] 11-10-20 Republicans Block Justice Review Proposal in Senate - David Rogers _ POLITICO