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13-07-13 Why Are Other Countries Crediting The US "Revocation" of Edward Snowden's Passport?

This is funny. I am in the opposite situation. I paid $600 to renounce US citizenship, but State Dept refuses to acknowledge my renunciation. In fact, in all correspondence, they refuse to even use the legal term "renunciation", instead using "loss of citizenship", as if I was walking down the street and just dropped my US citizenship by mistake... Most recently, the US Consul in Jerusalem sent me a note that they may be willing to consider "relinquishment"... :)

I believe that in my case, the refusal to acknowledge renunciation is related to desire to somehow maintain jurisdiction over me. After all, the US is the only government that claims jurisdiction over citizens wherever they are.
In both cases, the principle is the same, treating citizenship in the medieval sense, the relationship between a sovreign and a serf.
P.S. You can't trust the numbers of State Dept regarding the number of renunciations in recent years either. Go to Isaac Brock Society web page, where there are discussions of such matters by Americans in various parts of the world, and you get the impression that it is an epidemic.
Where the problem of the state gets solved, not just complained about.

Why Are Other Countries Crediting The US "Revocation" of Edward Snowden's Passport?

THE RUSSIAN GOVERNMENT (AND OTHERS) HAVE BEEN ARGUING RECENTLY that Edward Snowden's ability to leave the Moscow airport in which he has been living since June 23 is compromised because the US Department of State has revoked Snowden's passport. These folks are suffering from an unfortunate misunderstanding of United States law (and don't appear to have much respect for their own sovereignty, either).

The fact is, and as will be shown, the Department of State has no statutory authority to "revoke" a passport at all, and in any case passports have no inherent relevance to an American's ability to travel. United States passports are just ID documents, issued at the request, and for the benefit of, the American traveler as "letters of introduction" to any foreign state which might impose restrictions on those crossing its borders. They simply declare the bearer to be an American, and ask that he or she be afforded courtesies accordingly:

"The Secretary of State of the United States of America hereby requests all whom it may concern to permit the citizen/national of the United States named herein to pass without delay or hindrance and in case of need to give all lawful aid and protection."

Passports are NOT "permission to travel" documents.


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13-07-14 Bradley Manning Is Ordered By The Court To Declare Himself Guilty

Bradley Manning Is Ordered By The Court To Declare Himself Guilty

FORT MEADE, Md.-- WHISTLEBLOWER BRADLEY MANNING IS ON TRIAL HERE in a court martial proceeding over charges of willfully aiding and abetting the enemies of the United States by releasing to the Wikileaks organization a huge trove of documents and videos incriminating US government officials in war crimes, cover-ups, diplomatic duplicity and many other felonies and misdemeanors. Manning faces the possibility of the death penalty if convicted.

The trial had been expected to last another several weeks, at least, but in a stunning turn of events, at the prosecution's request Manning has been ordered by the trial court to sign an affidavit declaring that he believes his actions were in violation of his known legal duty, and that he believes his actions have aided and given comfort to the enemies of the United States. Manning's failure to sign this affidavit-- or even any effort on his part to indicate that it is not his own freely-made testimony-- will result in his imprisonment for criminal contempt of court, regardless of the outcome of his court martial.

The prosecutor and courts' reasoning is simple: Because the state has brought charges (thus indicating official belief in his guilt), and because everyone knows that releasing classified documents without permission is a crime, Manning must surely believe himself guilty. Thus, he's simply being ordered to attest to what he himself believes to be true, and what could be wrong with that?


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13-07-14 'Response to thieves should be revolution'

Occuyp Tle Aviv, July 14 - this Saturday night's demonstration is not over yet...  many thousands of demonstrators, 100,000, may be more, you don't know whose numbers to trust.
The old "Government, corporations - crime organization" was in close competition with various chants that call for revolution!  

And this is from Haaretz daily (a mix of the NYT and WSJ, and by far the most internationally respected Israeli newspaper).  

And where are the brave and the free??? Government corruption in Israel is deep, but not even close to that in the US...

Social Protests 2013

Social Protests 2013

Social protests 2013

13-07-14 Hello world!

7/13 @ 11:42 : Israel, IL
7/13 @ 7:58 : Palo Alto, California, US
7/13 @ 7:32 : Tel Aviv, IL
7/13 @ 7:14 : Moscow, RU
7/13 @ 5:09 : Espoo, FI
7/13 @ 4:58 : Saint-raphaël, FR
7/13 @ 2:43 : Daraga, PH
7/13 @ 1:14 : Canada, CA
7/13 @ 12:49 : Europe, EU
7/13 @ 12:26 : Los Angeles, California, US
7/13 @ 11:05 : Northridge, California, US

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