Saturday, June 30, 2012

12-06-30 Facebook pics of Thursday, July 26, student protest in Santiago, Chile

Tens of thousands of students marched in the Chilean capital of Santiago for education reform. Spanish press reported 15 police injured, and 250 students arrested. [] 

12-06-30 Police Brutality, Rhode Island

Rhode Island police officer Edward Krawetz received no jail time for this brutal assault on a handcuffed lady. Now he's fighting to keep his job so that he can protect us.

12-06-30 Recruiting the next generation of Space Cadets

12-06-30 Corpus Separatum Jerusalem!

Passport stamp "CORPUS SEPARATUM JERUSALEM" - newly available!*

* For Space Cadets only!

12-06-30 Hello Cyprus!

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12-06-30 Hello Serbia!

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