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13-04-30 Guantanamo Bay and the Ongoing Hunger Strike

6 Horrifying Facts Every American Should Know About Guantanamo Bay and the Ongoing Hunger Strike

As the hunger strike grows, the U.S. is sending more medical personnel to help force-feed the prisoners. Here are some of the facts you should know about the protest and the prison camp.
Guantanamo Prison Flight
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The hunger strike at Guantanamo Bay continues to grow. The U.S. recently forced many prisoners into solitary confinement. The military now admits that 100 prisoners at the camp are refusing to eat. But lawyers for Guantanamo detainees say that more than 130 detainees are on hunger strike.
While the claims and counter-claims bounce back and forth, the situation continues to deteriorate. Here’s 6 facts you should know about Guantanamo Bay and the ongoing act of protest most of the prisoners are participating in.
1. U.S. Medical Reinforcements Have Arrived to Force-Feed Prisoners
2. Hunger Strike Sparked By Raids, Fueled By Indefinite Detention
3. 86 Detainees Have Been Cleared for Release--But They’re Still There
4. Obama Can Help Change the Situation
5. Clashes at Camps
6. Torture Was Endemic
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13-04-30 OpEdNews.com: IDB bankruptcy in the Tel Aviv District Court - corruption of the courts and banking regulation

IDB bankruptcy in the Tel Aviv District Court - corruption of the courts and banking regulation

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The case ushers the financial crisis into the State of Israel, and  provides perfect documentation of the tight links between corruption of the courts and corruption of banking regulation.  It can further be seen  as the  parting gift of Stanley Fischer (Governor of Bank of Israel, and Bernanke's teacher) before packing his bags and leaving for good...


UPDATE: Apriil 30, 2013

"Too big to fail, too big to jail" established in the State of Israel...

This afternoon, in the second hearing within 48 hours, Judge Eitan Orenstein approved an out of court settlement, which leaves Tycoon Nochi Dankner at the helm of his failing pyramid scheme.

This is the largest financial scandal in the history of the State of Israel. But if the courts can help it, the People of the State of Israel will never know:
* Which bankers issued huge loans with no collaterals, through blatant conflicts of interests.
* Which banking regulators knew of the practice, but turned a blind eye.
* What part of Dankner's corporate financial reports was fraud.

Israel is now deep into the global financial crisis... all the components are here.