Tuesday, January 1, 2013

13-01-01 RT: Keiser Report: Year of Banking Death Penalty (E387)

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bf01JyBjpbg
Published on Jan 1, 2013
In this episode, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the two big themes for 2013: the execution of the too big to fail outlaw banks and the death of the Bretton Woods engineered fiat and faith debt based system as nations around the world ask for the return of their gold. They also talk to several Keiser Report guests about their predictions for 2013, including predictions from Rob Kirby on JP Morgan's collapse, Mitch Feierstein on JP Morgan's copper ETF, Ned Naylor-Leyland on the CFTC investigation into silver manipulation and the Yes Men's Andy Bichlbaum on the Global Spring.

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12-12-31 Tel Aviv on New Year's Eve - Kol HaKavod

All around - a civilized party.  Rothschild Avenue was a bit like La Rambla in Barcelona (minus the sleeze). 
Friendly Israel Police on their new scooters, anda mobile police station, consisting of a slim metal stand with bright blue light at its top, and two policemen standing next to it. 

 Don't ask me why the buildings were leaning at 2:00am!

 Takeout sushi bar.  For some reason Santa is the master of ceremony  on New Year's Eve in Israel.

Two Israeli guys, just back from a long stay in India, hopelessly trying to merge back into the local existence.

Pedestrians on Rothschild Ave


 City sponsored don't drink and drive walking messengers.

 Voluntary, citizen-operated, rave station on wheels.

Reb Nahman's would let a party pass by, and joined in with a large truck pumping mega decibels of gangnam style to new lyrics.


13-01-01 Hello World!

Tuesday, January 01 @ 17:58 : Cotonou, BJ
Tuesday, January 01 @ 17:44 : Dallas, Texas, US
Tuesday, January 01 @ 17:12 : Jerusalem, IL
Tuesday, January 01 @ 16:31 : Mansfield, Texas, US
Tuesday, January 01 @ 12:26 : Boardman, Oregon, US
Tuesday, January 01 @ 12:18 : Phoenix, Arizona, US
Tuesday, January 01 @ 10:28 : Mountain View, California, US
Tuesday, January 01 @ 10:22 : Mableton, Georgia, US
Tuesday, January 01 @ 09:24 : Djibouti, DJ
Tuesday, January 01 @ 08:57 : Chicago, Illinois, US

13-01-01 Israel PM meets youth cyberwar trainees...

How about training youth for Human Rights cyber monitoring?
Youth should be trained to continuously monitor the online conduct of government, particularly relative to legal public records, including, but not limited to the courts.

Below are news reports from today, which appear as part of the PM election campaign - photo ops with youth, hands on support for education, hight tech...  mom and apple pie!

13-01-01 Israel Hayom:  
PM to cyberwar trainees: you are our future warriors!

13-01-01 Jerusalem Post:

Netanyahu: We're building a digital Iron Dome

01/01/2013 15:04

Speaking at opening of new initiative to train youth in cyberwarfare, PM says Israel's systems under attack from Iranץ

Prime Minister Netanyahu speaks to studentsPHOTO: GPO
Israel is building a "digital Iron Dome," Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said at the opening ceremony of a new national program to train young people for cyberwarfare Tuesday.
"Israel's vital systems are under attack from Iran and other elements. This will only increase as we enter the digital age," Netanyahu stressed, speaking at the Ashkelon Academic College.
"We are bolstering our ability to deal with these threats via the Israel National Cyber Bureau (INCB) that we established," the prime minister added.
"To the outstanding pupils that are studying in the special program, I say: 'You are the future interceptors for the State of Israel.' We are one of the world's leaders in the field of cybernetics and we must maintain this position; therefore, we will continue to cultivate the generation of the future," he concluded.
Also speaking at the event, INCB head Dr. Eviatar Matania said that Israel needs and intends to improve its methods of operation, "This program is an example of the actions that we are advancing in the field of cybernetics in order to develop the high-quality human capital in the State of Israel."

The program is three years long and and aimed at outstanding pupils ages 16 to 18, from the periphery..

12-04-18 Jerusalem Post:

IDF graduates first ‘Cyber Defenders’ class
By YAAKOV KATZ    04/18/2012 03:07IDF soldiers of the first-ever Cyber Defenders claAround 30 soldiers completed the course training soldiers to prevent online attacks against IDF networks.

[The banner, apparently in an IDF base, says:"Computing Professions School", "A click ahead of the crowd..."- jz]

The IDF made history on Tuesday with the graduation of its first class of Cyber Defenders, a new role established the C4I Directorate established to prevent online attacks against IDF networks.