Wednesday, January 30, 2013

13-01-30 Hello World!

30/1 @ 18:24 : El Campo, Texas, US
30/1 @ 18:03 : Titusville, Pennsylvania, US
30/1 @ 17:51 : Mountain View, California, US
30/1 @ 16:09 : Madrid, ES
30/1 @ 16:04 : Jerusalem, IL
30/1 @ 15:53 : Islamabad, PK
30/1 @ 15:35 : Le Havre, FR
30/1 @ 15:04 : Buxerolles, FR
30/1 @ 14:20 : Tel Aviv, IL
30/1 @ 03:18 : Washington, District of Columbia, US

13-01-30 NBC's Todd - Allegations of voting machine fraud belong with birthers' claims...

Todd is definitely right! In both cases, consensus of computer experts is fraud by the US government on the People...
On the other hand, Todd's assertion that claiming fraud by the US gov on the People is "stretching the bounds of reality" appears delusional at best... Coming from a senior media person, who must be aware of the level of fraud by the US gov in a vast range of subjects, it should more likely be deemed collusion by US media in the fraud on the People...



NBC's Todd Mocks Election Fraud Critics, Wins Washington Applause

NBC Political Director Chuck Todd ridiculed election machine critics at a major conference of vote-counters last weekend -- thereby underscoring how Washington works. 
Todd told the National Association of Secretaries of State that their critics must be paranoid to fear that anyone would deliberately alter results. Allegations against Karl Rove, above, are among the most common. 
"That's just stretching the bounds of reality," NBC's chief White House correspondent said in response to my question asking him to amplify his Tweet last fall on vote-tampering claims. "That's feeding the conspiracy." Todd hadTweeted: "The voting machine conspiracies belong in same category as the Trump birther garbage." 

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