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13-09-07 Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning and Julian Assange are Our New Heroes

Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning and Julian Assange are Our New Heroes

By Slavoj Zizek, The Guardian

As the NSA revelations have shown, whistleblowing is now an essential art. It is our means of keeping 'public reason' alive. 

13-09-07 Berlin: Sat PM, so little time, so many demonstrations...

I. Branderburger Tor - Iranian Dissidents against massacre of Iranian refugees in Baghdad last week
According to the demonstrators, some on hunger strike, 52 Iranians were massacred in Baghdad last week by Iraqi government forces.  The event was never covered by media.  According to the organizers, since the massacre was by Iraqi government, pro-US forces.

Video URL: 
13-09-07 Berlin: Iranian Dissidents against massacre of Iranian refugees in Baghdad last week 

II. Branderburger Tor - Metal Workers Union party/demonstration
At the same time, on the opposing side of the gate - my favorite - a party/demonstration.

Video URL:
13-09-07 Berlin: Metal Workers Union demonstration/party at Brandenburger Tor 

III. Branderburger Tor - Police
I had to look for police presence around the two demonstrations. Finally, I found them resting in the shade under the trees about half a block away.  Photographing police is not even an issue...  In the US, you risk being brutlized or worse...

VI. Branderburger Tor - History
Around the gate you have signs, documening the significance of the place, both in the 1848 European popular pro Civil Society uprising, and during the Third Reich Nazi rallies.

V. Friedrichstrasse - the second official Rave/Fuck Parade/Demonstration
Again - a party/demonstration.  This was by far the biggest demonstration of the three.  A couple of blocks were under a light clound of high quality grass.  The cleaning crews were right behind the parade, and the street was restored to perfect cleanliness instantaneously... 

Video URL:
13-09-07 Berlin: 2nd annual Rave/Fuck party/demonstration/parade 

Barndenburger Tor and Friedrichstrasse are the primary public spaces in Germany.  Today, Berlin is a major center of Civil Society, while the US is sinking into the abyss.

13-09-07 Facebook video: Syrian rebels execute truck drivers

All information from Syria must be doubted, except for documented body counts... jz

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WARNING: Graphic content, viewer discretion is advised.

In the following video, Al Qaeda insurgents block a road in Iraq. They proceed to have 3 truck drivers step out of their cars and begin interrogating them on whether or not they are Sunni or Shiite. At one part of the video the men state they are from Syria.

Following the interrogation, the three truck drivers are identified as being Shiite and subsequently executed by gunfire. These barbarians, killing purely out of religious belief, are the same fighters receiving weapons/financing from the United States in Syria.

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