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10-06-21 Complaint Filed against Pasternak with US Attorney Office Newly Established Public Corruption/ Civil Rights Unit

David Pasternak- subject of complaint alleging 
public corruption and deprivation of civil rights.

Complaint Filed Against David Pasternak with Newly Established Public Corruption and Civil Rights Division of US Attorney, Los Angeles.

Los Angeles, June 21 – Dr Joseph Zernik, Los Angeles County resident filed complaint against Attorney David Pasternak with the newly established division of Andre Birotte Jr, the US Attorney’s Office, Central District of California (Los Angeles) for Public Corruption and Civil Rights.  The complaint alleges that Mr Pasternak has fraudulently appeared in court as “Receiver” for execution of “Judgment”, where in fact no judgment was ever entered, and no order for his appointment as “Receiver” was entered either.  Through such alleged fraud on the court, Mr Pasternak and accomplices engaged in real estate fraud, as opined by renowned Fraud Expert – James Wedick – FBI veteran, who was decorated by US Congress, by FBI Director and by US Attorney General. Moreover, Mr Wedick supplied a letter documenting that already in August 2008 FBI Special Agent Connoly, who was assigned to the case agreed with him that the case was real estate fraud by Mr Pasternak against Dr Zernik.
Mr Pasternak acted with no Judgment, with no Writ of Execution, and produced Grant Deeds on Dr Zernik’s property, which were opined as fraud. Mr Pasternak collected $1.8 million for the purported sale of the property, and in disregard of the law is keeping the proceeds to this date.  California law requires that such proceeds be distributed within 30 days in case of sale of property by the court. In the passing 2.5 years, Mr Pasternak engaged in various transactions in such funds, which were alleged in the complaint as monetary transaction in property derived from prohibited conduct.
Complainant, Dr Zernik claimed that the case held high public policy significance, since it amounted to alleged Public Corruption and Deprivation of Civil Rights by Mr Pasternak, who routinely appeared in courts as Receiver, was former President of the Los Angeles County Bar Association, was former member of the California Judicial Council, was former President of Bet Tzedek – “The House of Justice” - a prominent Jewish charity providing free legal services, and was current officer of the Chancery Club – a prominent Los Angeles voluntary legal association.
The Los Angeles Times published news on June 12, 2010 that the newly appointed US Attorney, Central District of California, Andre Birotte Jr, established a unit for whose mission was be 'to bring to justice those public officials and public employees who violate the public's trust.'
"Two of the best known fraud experts and FBI special agent assigned to the case concluded already in 2008 that the case was real estate fraud," commented Dr Zernik, "however, given Mr Pasternak's high profile, the case would test to what degree the newly established public corruption unit is ready, willing, able to enforce the law in Los Angeles County, California."


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10-06-21 Abusive Justice System in Texas //Sistema de Justicia abusivas en Texas // Missbräuchliche Justiz in Texas

Citizen activists gather in West Texas to kick off the Green Zone Campaign.  Symbolic green balloons float through the air at Everman Park in 
downtown Abilene, Texas.
   “The balloons represent the loftiness of our intent to restore meaningful citizen 
oversight in America” says Zena Crenshaw-Logal.  She is Executive Director of 
POPULAR), a national legal reform organization coordinating 
the GZC.
   “(T)he ability of average Americans to effectively petition their government is 
so diluted or compromised that what would otherwise be our constitutional and 
universal human rights are no more than privileges, doled out at government 
discretion.”  POPULAR recently joined a coalition of grassroots advocates 
making that 
report to the U.N. for its upcoming, Universal Periodic Review of 
America’s human rights record.
   Crenshaw-Logal joined a Capitol Hill 
delegation to deliver copies of the U.N. 
submission to staff for key members of Congress. 

“Even the overview of our U.N. 
submission firmly suggests the lack of 
meaningful citizen oversight in America” 
chided Crenshaw-Logal.  “Our 
submission evidences another reality 
inspiring my trips to Capitol Hill and 
West Texas.   My colleagues and I face 
an apparent but unspoken threat of 
government retaliation.”
  A GZC premise is that Americans need 
a figurative “Green Zone”, i.e. “a heavily 
fortified zone in which they can 
responsibly challenge government as well 
as corporate waste, fraud, and abuse 
with impunity.”