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13-05-04 13-05-04 US banks solvency is hinged on the expectation of more bailouts!!!

Too-Big-to-Fail Takes Another Body Blow

POSTED: May 1, 9:06 AM ET
Minds are changing on Too Big to Fail. A month ago, it was just something in the air. Now, it looks like we're headed for a real legislative confrontation. And man, is the finance sector freaking.
Last week, on April 24th, Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio and Louisiana Republican David Vitter introduced legislation called the "Terminating Bailouts for Taxpayer Fairness Act of 2013 Act," or the "Brown-Vitter TBTF Act" for short. The bill is a gun aimed directly at the head of the Too-Big-To-Fail beast.
Here the S&P is saying: "You might think, just because we're a ratings agency that's supposed to always think safety and security are good things, that we think increased safety and security for these banks is a good idea. However . . ."

Translated into English, what they mean is: If this bill passes, these banks would no longer be Too Big To Fail. So we'd probably have to downgrade them.
Well – duh!
Not only is this an explicit admission that Dodd-Frank didn't fix the Too-Big-To-Fail issue (Wall Street has long insisted that Dodd-Frank was more than sufficient to deal with the "moral hazard" problem), it's a crazy thing to say out loud. S&P writes about having to factor out the implicit government backing of big banks as though that would be a bad thing. But if implicit government support is the only thing keeping the ratings of these companies even as high as they are now, that means they really should be rated lower, in a true free market.
And Standard and Poor's is, what – against admitting that?

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13-05-04 Ron Paul And Jim Rogers: 'The U.S. Govt Will Use Force To Take Your Money'

I differ with with the below, relative to the use of the future tense "will use force". It should be "uses force". How else would you describe the widespread fraudulent foreclosures, taking place daily in the US, and enforced by armed law enforcement???
Otherwise, one should expect Ron Paul to be locked up in indefinite detention per NDAA, since according to the report below, he participated in a Sovereign Man convention, and such groups are considered by the US gov "terrorists".

Ron Paul And Jim Rogers: 'The U.S. Govt Will Use Force To Take Your Money'


Ron Paul and James Rogers share the stage at Sovereign Man.  This should not be missed.
Simon Black's Offshore Tactics Workshop in Santiago, Chile.

13-05-04 Dispatch from Occupy Tel Aviv encampment // החדשות ממאהל המחאה, ת"א

Overall, compared to the US, the below is kids games.  I expected much worse after I leaked yesterday the entire court file records in Hermatic v IDB, the largest default of a financial institution in the history of the State of Israel, where the Tel Aviv District Court denies access to court records with no legal foundation... [1]
[1] 13-05-02 Hermatic v IDB  (36681-04-13) in the Tel Aviv District Court - electronic records in Net HaMishpat– local terminal

This morning, Eli, who does live in the encampment in the four months I have been here, and who according to reliable sources is related to Israel Police, arrived for a visit.
I was sitting near my tent with two friends, one of them a guitar player, and we were singing. Eli appeared, and I asked him if he would like to join us.  He answered that he does not know how to sing, and that his specialty is in "beating up people".
Eli asked what was happening between me and Ronna, who I believe is also related to Israel Police.  Ronna claims that she is in charge of the encampment on behalf of Eli.  I told Eli that nothing was happening between me and Ronna, and asked that she keep a distance from me.  I moved my tent to get further from the area where she lives, and I am careful to avoid her area.  However, she routinely sniffs around me, including two times that she asked to "sneak a peek" into my tent.
Eli also again informed me that he was "in charge of the entire encampment".  I asked him on whose behalf.  He claimed that he was "in charge" on behalf of the Tel Aviv municipality.  I asked him to show me any document to that effect.  So far he has not.
It would be interesting to find out if the Tel Aviv municipality appointed an "in charge" person for the encampment, who does not live in the encampment, and who boasts his violence...
Joseph Zernik, PhD
Human Rights Alert (NGO)
Occupy Tel Aviv

הבוקר אלי, שאינו גר במאהל בארבעת החודשים שאני נמצא פה, ושעל פי מקורות מהימנים קשור למשטרת ישראל, הגיע לביקור.

בבוקר, ישבתי ליד האוהל שלי עם שני חברים, אחד מהם נגן גיטרה ושרנו.

אלי הופיע. הצעתי לו להצטרף אלינו לשירה. הוא ענה שאינו יודע לשיר ושהמומחיות שלו "בלהרביץ" .

אלי שאל מה קורה ביני ובין רונה, שלדעתי גם היא קשורה למשטרת ישראל. רונה טוענת שהיא ממונה על המאהל מטעם אלי. עני עניתי לו ששום דבר לא קורה, אבל ביקשתי שרונה תשמור מרחק ממני. אני הזזתי את האוהל שלי מהאזור בו היא מתגוררת, ואני נזהר לו להתקרב לשם. אבל היא מסתובבת סביבי בכל פעם שאני במאהל, כולל פעמיים שבקשה "להציץ" לתוך האוהל שלי.

אלי גם הודיע לי שוב שהוא "אחראי" על המאהל כולו. שאלתי אותו מטעם מי. הוא ענה שהוא אחראי על המאהל מטעם עיריית תל-אביב. ביקשתי ממנו שיראה לי מסמך כלשהו המעיד על כך. בינתיים לא הראה לי מסמך כזה.

מעניין אם אכן עיריית תל אביב מינתה "אחראי" למאהל, ובפרט אדם שאינו גר במאהל ומתפאר באלימותו.

דר' יוסף צרניק
סייג לזכויות האדם (NGO)
מאהל המחאה, ת"א

*דוח סייג לזכויות האדם נכלל בדוח התקופתי של האו"ם לגבי זכויות האדם בארה"ב (2010), עם הערה: "שחיתות בתי המשפט ומקצוע עריכת הדין בקליפורניה".
*דוח סייג לזכויות האדם נכלל בדוח התקופתי של האו"ם לגבי זכויות האדם בישראל (2013), עם הערה: "חוסר יושרה בכתבים האלקטרוניים של בית המשפט העליון, בתי המשפט המחוזיים, ובתי הדין למוחזקי משמורת בישראל".