Monday, August 26, 2013

13-08-26 One cannot underestimate the Snowden effect!

I visit now the same organizations that I visited in 2010, immediately after escaping from the US.  Then, they were skeptical about my reports about a large-scale fraud in the IT systems of the courts and prisons in the United States.  Now they ask to review the records and offer help!  Only thing is German media still refer to the current US regime as "Soft Totalitarianism". One must wonder what it would take for them to drop the "Soft" adjective...
Zossener Strasse

13-08-26 Summer fun in Berlin

Rigaer Strasse, in former East Berlin:
The flag is NOT the German flag... Most of the street is genrtified, with stretches of post WWII apartment buildings of the former DDR, now renovated, grungy bars, cafes, smalll shopts, and a few notable exceptions,.. On each block you find one or two pre-WWII building that survived the bombardments.

 Rigaer Strasse also boasts the Institut fuer Krimskrams ... :)