Tuesday, March 24, 2015

2015-03-24 UBUNTU! What took me so long?

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My first post from UBUNTU!!!

I knew for years that I have to switch from Windows to UBUNTU.  But my old habits were difficult to quit... And people warned me that it may be difficult to install.

Well, it took me about 10 min, and the installation was pretty much a one button click...

There are still some issues left to resolve:
- How to handle Hebrew? That strange language, written from right to left...
- How friendly the built in software for image/graphics is?
- How easy it would be to find a free replacement for PDF SAM?
- How easy it would be to install PALM DESKTOP?

But the advantages are enormous! My computer started operating in unheard off speed, and I am still running UBUNTU from a CD, not a true permanent installation!!!

More important - the gratification that I am freeing myself from Windows - another arm of the US gov octopus...

Now let's check out how Hebrew is working in Blogger on Ubuntu:
נו מה יהיה עם העברית?
I figured it out by now in Gmail and OpenOffice.  But Blogger still needs some work, I guess...
מה יהיה עם העברית?

2015-03-24 Hello world!

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