Friday, September 25, 2009

09-09-25 Request for help from pro se filers

I assume that like all of us, you filed your complaint in pro se. Such is the
way it typically ends up, since no attorney would agree to represent
plaintiffs on such cases. I am writing to ask for your help.
Please do me a favor, and share a few of your records:
A. List the captions and numbers of all of your U.S court cases, and
the district court they were heard in.
B. For each case, please email to me the following 3 records.
1) One minute order of your choice (the shortest preferred).
2) One order on dispositive motion ( e,g, Order on Motion to Dismiss, or
Summary Judgment, or Entry of Judgment, etc). I am looking for a "written
order" in contrast with the Minute Orders that were typically generated
from the case management system directly. Again, the shortest is
3) One paper from opposing counsel (the shortest).
I assume that you received them all by USPS First Class mail. I hope that
by chance you have the envelopes and everything that was included.
C. Please indicate in a cover email, addressed to me:

1) That I stated that I was a fellow Pro Se filer, and that I was interested in
your Pro SE experience, and that you were emailing the documents to me
at my request. The simplest is to reply to instant email, so that my writing
is incorporated in your email.
2) If true and correct: Please state that the source of all the records that
you are sending to me is service by USPS.
If served in any other way, please indicate for each specific record, which way it was served. In case a
record was served in more than one way, I am interested primarily in the USPS service, whenever
3) If true and correct: Please state that the records are the full and
complete true and correct copies of the specific records, as received by
you via USPS.
In case you know that you lost a cover page, or something that was included in the mailing, please
indicate so for each individual record.
If you kept the envelopes, that is super, but not essential.
4) Please list and identify the records that you are sending to me under
each given caption by:
a) Date filed, b) Dkt #, c) Originating Party/Court, and d) Title.
5) Please sign as shown below.
I am grateful for your help, and I should be able to email you back within
24 hours from the time I receive the records. I am likely to have
information about your case, that you were not aware of.
DISCLAIMER #1: I am not an attorney, not even by a long shot.
DISCLAIMER #2: The older I get the more I realize how clueless I am.
Dated: September 25, 2009 ____/s/ Joseph H Zernik____
Joseph H Zernik

1) Best short review of the Rampart scandal massive probe (1998-2000, 200 investigators), on how the Rampart-FIPs where falsely
convicted and falsely sentenced - by renowned constitutional scholar, Founding Dean of Univ of Cal Irvine Law School, Prof Erwin
Chemerinsky - paper from Guild Practitioner
2) Best reference on why the Rampart-FIPs are still imprisoned - by an official panel of experts, commissioned by the LAPD itself, led by
civil rights activist, Att Connie Rice - LAPD Blue Ribbon Report (2006)
3) One reference for our low, conservative estimate of 10,000, compared to an estimate of 8,000 by the LA District Attorney office, 15,000
by criminal defense attorneys, and 30,000 by others - PBS Frontline (2001, updated 2005)
4) Full Disclosure Network video of a phone call request for assistance by Att Richard I Fine from jail
Joseph Zernik, DMD PhD , Fax: (801) 998-0917