Sunday, January 12, 2014

14-01-12 US: Assault on whistleblowers continues...

The hallmark of disintegration of the justice system! jz

Jodie Gummow, AlterNet
The disparity in sentences reveal a perversion of justice.

14-01-12 Hello world!

1/12 @ 8:58 : Mexico, MX
1/12 @ 7:33 : Arivaca, Arizona, US
1/12 @ 7:03 : Ramat Gan, IL
1/12 @ 4:26 : Simi Valley, California, US
1/12 @ 3:27 : Redmond, Washington, US
1/12 @ 2:23 : Worcester, Massachusetts, US
1/12 @ 1:50 : Mountain View, California, US
1/12 @ 11:58 : Israel, IL
1/12 @ 11:45 : Lisbon, PT
1/12 @ 11:23 : Kansas City, Missouri, US

14-01-12 Remembering Aaron

Today, We Remember Aaron.
One year ago today the digital rights movement lost one of our most powerful activists and closest friends. Aaron fought for open access to publicly funded research. He worked against censorship and to defend a free and open internet. Aaron was a brilliant technologist who pioneered the development of the open source software that would become SecureDrop. He also helped launch Creative Commons, founded Demand Progress, and co-founded Reddit.

And as the Internet community confronted massive new challenges to privacy and free speech in 2013, there were many moments when we wondered quietly about what Aaron would have said and done.

Today, we remember Aaron. It is in his memory that we continue to fight for the rights of users around the world. At the time of Aaron's death, he was being harshly prosecuted for violating the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, an outdated law full of vague language that broadly criminalizes accessing a computer without "authorization," but doesn't explain what that actually means.

In 2014 we renew our vow to fight in Aaron's honor. As we move forward with our goal of ensuring our rights go with us when we go online, EFF remembers everything Aaron Swartz did to defend openness, innovation, and online freedom.

14-01-12 OccupyTLV - Waiting for muni enforcement# // מאהל המחאה ת"א: קישוטים אחרונים לקראת ה"בדיקה" על ידי פקחי עיריית ת"א.

===14-01-12 #OccupyTLV - Waiting for muni enforcement...  // מאהל המחאה ת"א: קישוטים אחרונים לקראת ה"בדיקה" על ידי פקחי עיריית ת"א.===
הקישוט הוא אלתור זמני שלי, ואשמח לקבל פוסטרים מתחלפים למאהל המחאה ת"א