Friday, March 21, 2014

14-03-21 Tel Aviv street party

~If it ain't a party, it ain't my occupation!~
Estimated crowd around 100,000...
It is a complex phenomenon:
* A deliberate "Bread and Circuses" policy to keep the people quite, while they are being systematically looted.
* An outlet for the manic-depressive Israeli, who are into partying, particularly in Tel Aviv, as long as the security situation is OK.  But the mood can change to depression in a minute, with deterioration of security conditions.
* Part of a bit sleazy, but successful enterprise of the Tel Aviv Municipality to brand Tel Aviv as a global party city. Lonely Planet listed Tel Aviv a couple of years ago one of the top three party cities in the world...

14-03-21 Microsoft sells your data to FBI

Syrian Electronic Army hacked into FBI's super-secret Digital Intercept Technology Unit and exposes the MICROSOFT invoices, shows that Microsoft charges FBI for your Information
Microsoft sells your Information to the FBI; Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) leaks Invoices
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