Thursday, August 8, 2013

13-08-09 Hello world!

8/8 @ 11:28 : Israel, IL
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13-08-08 More evidence of corruption in the Haifa Magistrate Court

10-11-23 In re: RSZ (1829-06-10 and 25607-03-13) in the Haifa Magistrate Court - Decree Appointing a Conservator, issued by Presiding Judge Ehud Rekem – evidence of Fraud on the Court
It is extremely unlikely that Presiding Judge Ehud Rekem did not know the true and correct, lawful form for a decree appointing a conservator. Moreover, the omissions in Robert Zernik's purported appointment record are specific - the parts, which indicate that the appointment is pursuant to the law of the State of Israel...

Furthermore, the Decree fails to show a serial number, as prescribed by the regulations.

The law of the State of Israel also says that the Conservator should be identified as such in each filing in court. But filings by Robert Zernik, following his purported appointment, only identify him as an individual, which indicates that Attorneys for Robert Zernik knew all along that his appointment was void.

Therefore, the Decree record indicates that the case was subject to Fraud on the Court at least since November 2010, and more likely since its commencement, in June 2010.

Numerous members of the Haifa Magistrate Court had to be involved in such conduct, which is likely to be a well practiced routine.

10-11-23 In re: RSZ (1829-06-10 and 25607-03-13) in the Haifa Magistrate Court - Decree Appointing a Conservator, issued by Presiding Judge Ehud Rekem – evidence of Fraud on the Court

13-08-08 US: Robbing the people by the banks continues...

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'A Dream Foreclosed': How Financial Predators Created a Crisis That Led to 10 Million Americans Being Evicted

As Obama touts our economic recovery, a new book by Laura Gottesdiener exposes the tragedy of our housing crisis.
As President Obama heads to Phoenix today to tout the "housing recovery," journalist Laura Gottesdiener examines the devastating legacy of the foreclosure crisis and how much of the so-called recovery is a result of large private equity firms buying up hundreds of thousands of foreclosed homes. More than 10 million people across the country have been evicted from their homes in the last six years. Her new book, "A Dream Foreclosed: Black America and the Fight for a Place to Call Home," focuses on four families who have pushed back against foreclosures. "The banks exploited a larger historical trajectory of discrimination in lending and in housing that has existed since the beginning of this country. The banks intentionally went into communities that had been redlined, which meant that the Federal Housing Administration had made it a policy to not lend and not to guarantee any loans in minority neighborhoods all throughout most of the 20th century that didn’t supposedly end until well into the 1960s," Gottesdiener says. "And they exploited that historical reality and pushed the worst of the worst loans in these communities that everyone knew were unpayable debts — that Wall Street knew."

13-08-08 US: Total Surveilance State

The National Law Journal with DC News from Legal Times

DEA and NSA Give PHONY Documents to Courts in Criminal Cases

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Within 2-3 years you will see a massive break down of the criminal justice system in the United States.  We now know that the Drug Enforcements Agency and the NSA have been providing phony documents to courts in criminal cases.  They have lied about entrapment’s, provided perjured information and made up stories to get people arrested and convicted.  Just another example of an Authoritarian/Totalitarian government—the Obama Plan is working (against freedom and the laws of this country)
Can we trust any government prosecution after this?  What do you think?
“Documents reviewed by Reuters News Agency demonstrate that law enforcement agents who have used Parallel Construction to make arrests, were directed by the NSA to conceal from defense lawyers, and sometimes prosecutors and judges, how the information was obtained.  Federal agents were trained on how to “recreate” the investigative trail to effectively cover up where the surveillance information originated.  Such fraudulent actions are a clear violation of the Fourth and Sixth Amendment to the United States Constitution and a valid basis for convicts to be freed through appeal.


13-08-08 Hello world!

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13-08-08 US: Misc News of the Abuse: Shot to Death by Police for Betting on a Football Game?

Radley Balko, Public Affairs Books
Heavily armed SWAT teams are increasingly used for such small tasks as raiding poker games and trying to stop underage drinking. How did we get here?