Friday, August 16, 2013

13-08-16 Widespread corruption and racketeering in the Los Angeles and California courts are patronized by the US courts

Bet Tzedek - the Los Angeles "House of Justice" - an affiliate of the Los Angeles Jewish Federation, and its current/former officers: David Pasternak, Sandor Samueles, Terry Friedman, who repeatedly appear as Defendants in racketeering complaints...

Many of the named Defendants in the case of Daniel Dydzak [1,2]  are well-known central figures in corruption of the Los Angeles and California legal community and the courts, e.g. Sandor Samuels, of Bet Tzedek, the Los Angeles "House of Justice".

Daniel Dydzak filed recently a Petition for Writ of Certiorari to the US Supreme Court after the Ninth Circuit and Central District of California federal courts illegally dismissed this meritorious case. The RICO case was originally filed in the district court of the District of Columbia, but unlawfully transferred to Judge Manuel Real even though he and all other judges of the Central District of California were disqualified from hearing the litigation. Judge Real, who was almost impeached as a judge and accused of stealing Marcos settlement funds, summarily dismissed the case.

The Ninth Circuit dismissed the case illegally and summarily. The Clerk of the 9TH Circuit Court illegally dismissed the case. The Dismissal Order did not have a proper three-judge quorum as required by Rule 26 of the federal appellate rules. Mr. Dydzak is accusing Charles Schwab of giving financial bribes to various judges, such as State Bar Judge Donald F. Miles and a Review Judge of the State Bar Court, Judith Epstein. 
As well, Mr. Dydzak is accusing Scott Drexel, the former terminated Chief Trial Counsel, of getting bribes from Charles Schwab and others. 

This valid RICO lawsuit includes claims against Sandor Samuels and Bet Tzedek, the House of Justice. Mr. Dydzak has asked for expedited hearing of the matter, and the US Supreme Court to appoint him counsel, such as Gerry Spence of Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

The Los Angeles Jewish Federation has been fully aware of the situation for years... [3,4]

[1] 13-07-20 Dydzak's SCOTUS Motion for Expedited Hrg & Private Counsel
[2] 13-06-25 Dydzak's Writ of Cert to SCOTUS Case No. 13-5330
[3] 12-06-29 Tomorrow (June 30): BET TZEDEK Gala production! SANDOR SAMUELS as the Scarlet Letter of the Los Angeles Jewish Community
[4] Streamlining Mortgage and Foreclosure Fraud, or How Sandor Samuels became Mr Jewish Justice...

13-08-16 ACLU: You are being tracked - license plate tracking in the US

One must wonder, how much tracking, snooping, eavesdropping would be considered sufficient, if only from cost/effectiveness perspective...  jz 


Proof the Feds Are Tracking Your Car

By Keegan Hamilton, Salon

A Seattle prankster points out the absurdity of a little-known program that's following where you drive.
As the technology spreads, the ACLU calls for the adoption of legislation and law enforcement agency policies adhering to the following principles:
License plate readers may be used by law enforcement agencies only to investigate hits and in other circumstances in which law enforcement agents reasonably believe that the plate data are relevant to an ongoing criminal investigation.
The government must not store data about innocent people for any lengthy period. Unless plate data has been flagged, retention periods should be measured in days or weeks, not months and certainly not years.
People should be able to find out if plate data of vehicles registered to them are contained in a law enforcement agency’s database.
Law enforcement agencies should not share license plate reader data with third parties that do not follow proper retention and access principles. They should also be transparent regarding with whom they share license plate reader data.
Any entity that uses license plate readers should be required to report its usage publicly on at least an annual basis.