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13-12-21 US: Chat on Civil Disobedience

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Civil Disobedience, Henry David Thoreau (July 12, 1817 – May 6, 1862) is one of America's definitive contributions to human civilization.
And what you are talking about is called in traditional Civil Rights lingo "Direct Action".
Below is the history of Civil Disobedience, as I see it, in pic.. :)
Direct Action in such matter, along the line of Raving Disobedience, my favorite, would be a flash dance party in front of the US Supreme Court.
The Supremes have recently banned any demonstrations in front of the Supreme Court... 

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Thanks for your comments and your concerns….

But you should have seen the  other guy!  

The following is part of our campaign to take back control.  The more people exercising and asserting their authority the sooner we will be successful.  Acting in small but determined groups are even better.  Set up small meetings with elected officials where as the people, you control the conversation.

Create a conference call and once all participants are on line, the meeting organizer can call the elected official of choice.  Advise the person answering the call that there is a large group pif constituents on the phone waining to address some issues.  Then stand by for the fireworks and the fun.

Success is just a matter of reversing the current perception and leaving no doubt that the people are now in control. We must demonstrate that we are in control; not them.  We must do this at every opportunity and included as many public servants as possible.  Their job was created by we the people to serve our needs…not theirs.

We need to establish our presence, dominance then begin inserting the issues.  We need to call back frequently and follow-up and/or make frequent return visits to convince them we mean what we say.  We will not go away and we will not forget.  

We are the Americans and this is what we do.  

We need to raise the issues (not limited to or in any special order) listed below. The usurpation or ineligibility should always be included. 
These issues should be raised at the city council, county commission, and special personal visits to the offices of elected officials.  We need to be courteous but firm.  We must assert a no-nonsense but friendly attitude and make sure we are seen as serious but unrelenting.
  • We are the people.  
  • We will be heard.  
  • We will be obeyed 
Elected officials who fail us will be removed from office (revoke their bonds) if we are not convinced our servants are doing the job for which they were elected and are being paid.

The real clincher is to ask them to produce their last pay-stub our receipt for their paycheck.  Ask them by whom were they paid?  (Obviously it came from the people).  

The receipt is proof they are under contract to we the people. You….Me….all of us.  

And while we hate to lower the tone of the dialog to remind them, but if they fail to honor their contract we will not hesitate to remove them from office for breach of contract.  

We will revoke their bond.  Revocation of their bond may also permanently end any chances of a further career in politics.  

13-12-21 US: Surge in popular resistance - The Sheriffs Movement

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13-12-20 RUSSIA: RT - breakup of Soviet Union - mistake!

A bit incredible.  But the fact that Russia Today is peddling it is incredible as well.  Putin rampante? (Troll: Rampant/Rampart here is another use, just to keep you confused...)

13-12-20 ISRAEL/US: Fingerprints of digital censorship?

Basically, I argue that whoever would study the stats of my readership on the site (two channels, the first was permanently deleted...), would conclude that there is manipulation of the information, with particular subjects receiving differential treatments. is NOT an authentic leaking site. Maybe it was at one point, but today there are increasing signs of manipulation of the information on the site.
In the old days, any posting would generate a thousand or more views in a relatively short time.  Now, this channel has reduced number of views overall, and it looks like particular subjects trigger such systems, such as Chief Clerk of the Supreme Court of the State of Israel, and Law Enforcement Implants, e.g. Trolls... :) At times there are more comments than views...  In general, Israel is more effective, I believe, than the US in controlling online information, both by obstruction of undesirable information and by spreading false information.  The language barrier, I believe, provides a unique extra barrier.