Friday, January 31, 2014

14-01-31 Hello world!

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14-01-31 US-Israel-China: Bank of China case

Israel yielded to Chinese threat to cancel Bibi's visit to China if an Israeli witness appeared in the US court case against Bank of China, launched with Israeli support.  The Chinese trip was perceived in Israel as a farce from the start. 

Latest development:According to Israeli media, State of Israel continues to refuse to permit a key witness to appear before the US District Courtt.
It may send the US court some documents instead.
Attorney Darshan-Leitner, representing the plaintiffs, told Israeli media: "The State was caught with its pants down." 

14-01-21 US-Israel-China: Bank of China case
Recent developments:
Israel, which was behind the filing of the complaint in the US District Court in DC, filed  papers, claiming that further cooperation with the litigation would undermine Israeli "National Security".
The plaintiffs, which started the action under the blessing of the Israeli gov, now claim that such "National Security" issues are bogus, and the real issue is Israeli-Chinese financial/economic cooperation.

US purports to hold jurisdiction over conduct of Bank of China in China, under "War on Terror",  Such fabulous claims are made as part of claims for jurisdiction over banks worldwide - by a nation with notoriously corrupt banking regulation.
China dismisses such US claims.
China threatened Israel against cooperation with the US in this matter.
Israel submitted to Chinese pressure over cooperation with the US in a matter of terror against Israeli citizens in Israel.

Tectonic plate movements: 
  • Declining US influence and rising Chinese influence in the Middle-East and beyond.
  • Failure of the US to assert itself over the global banking system.